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Comparative Theology:  The Basics - Part 1
with Rev. Dr. José Francisco Morales Torres
Tuesday, April 9, 2024
7:00 to 8:30 pm CDT

Comparative theology is a newer subfield within the wider field of theology. As a new subdiscipline, its aims and agenda are often misunderstood. Comparative theology is not about thinking about (or worse, against) other religions. Instead, it is about thinking with the religious other in ways that can transform one's own theology, faith, and devotional practice. It calls people, rooted in their particular tradition, to think with another tradition, allowing their faith to be read and transformed by the faith of the other. This course covers the basics of comparative theology and creates opportunities for participants to put this method into practice in renewing and transforming ways.

Rev. Dr. Jose Francisco Morales Torres (Ph.D. Comparative Theology and Philosophy, Claremont School of Theology) is Associate Professor of Comparative Theology & Philosophy at Chicago Theological Seminary. As a historical and comparative theologian, Morales places historical voices into conversation with historically marginalized voice's, within and beyond the Christian tradition, offering radical re-articulations of the Christian faith for today's realities. His areas of interest include: comparative approaches to historical theology; liberation theologies; theological anthropology; the development of Christian doctrines in global perspectives; history of Latin American philosophy; and Medieval philosophizing and theologizing across Abrahamic faiths. His first book proposes a new theological anthropology informed by the experience of wonder. (Wonder as a New Starting Point for Theological Anthropology: Opened by the World, Lexington Books, 2023) He is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He is married to Rev. Daphne M. Gascot Arias, also ordained minister with the Disciples of Christ and a Ph.D. student (Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies). They share life and laughs with their daughters Daphne Magnolia and Yael Marie.

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