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Thriving in Ministry

Thriving in Ministry

The Thriving in Ministry program is designed to have a positive impact on the thriving of pastoral leaders through three endeavors:

  • From Brite to Beyond Brite: Bridging the gap between seminary and ministry contexts this program provides a transitional space for graduates of Brite Divinity School by mentoring them as they move through their last year of formal theological education and two years post-graduation. Students interested in participating should contact the Center for Lifelong Learning.

  • Flourishing in Ministry: This program is designed for those who have been in ministry for at least three years. The goal of these workshops will be to increase pastoral leaders’ flourishing in life and vocation as they develop sustaining practices for nurturing their capacity for resiliency in times of transition (transitioning from one church to another; transitioning in time and space; personal transitions; transitions to retirement; etc.). CLICK HERE to view more information.

  • Prosperando en el Ministerio: Meeting three Saturdays every semester, this program provides Spanish-language educational support for Latino/a pastors who are predominantly non-seminary trained, as they minister in communities and churches in transition.

All three of the program initiatives are designed to provide intentional opportunities for the development of collegial relationships that can be nurtured throughout the lifespan of one's vocational career. Attention to relationality in various ways enhances the agency of pastoral leaders to identify their needs and create strategies they can turn to in the midst of transitions at personal, professional, and communal levels.

The Thriving in Ministry program is funded by the Lilly Endowment Inc.'s Thriving in Ministry Initiative.