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Denominational Programs  

The Brite student body is interracial, international and ecumenical. More than 20 different denominations are represented in the student body. Faculty and students are engaged in local, state and national ecumenical organizations and programs. 

Baptist Studies

The Baptist Studies Program supports all Baptist students, including those in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and Alliance of Baptists, by facilitating lectures, workshops and other opportunities designed to meet the special interests and needs of Baptist students. 

Disciples of Christ Studies

The Disciples of Christ Studies Program prepares students to lead in ministry by providing personal and professional support and engaging students in the large denomination. The program provides guidance to students who are navigating the Regional Committee on the Ministry (RCOM) process as they seek ordination.  

Episcopal Studies

The Episcopal Studies Program provides a continuing Anglian/Episcopal presence with a broadly ecumenical theological school. The program offers a community of learning, worship, and fellowship within the Brite community. 

Presbyterian Studies 

The Presbyterian Studies Program supports Presbyterian students who are in the process of discerning a call to ministry. By mentoring, providing a Reformed and Presbyterian focus, and enriching Brite’s work through relationships with the presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the program seeks to prepare students to meet all constitutional requirements for ordination or certification to ministry in Presbyterian congregations. 

United Methodist Studies

The United Methodist Studies Program provides opportunities for students to strengthen their connection with the United Methodist Church by proving opportunities to interact with local UMC congregation leaders and conference representatives. The courses taught at Brite in United Methodist history, doctrine, mission and polity have been officially approved by the appropriate denominational offices.