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Make a Difference

Your gifts to Brite’s academic mission enable faculty, staff and administration to visualize, create and offer educational opportunities designed to meet the needs of the church, academy and world. Your gifts support degree, certificate, denominational and specialized vocational programs. Our goal is to provide significant tuition support for our students. Currently, most students receive approximately 70 percent. Additionally, students may receive stipends to support their living and academic expenses as they pursue their graduate theological education.

Cash Gifts

Cash contributions are the easiest way to give and provide the maximum tax deduction. Cash gifts can be made in person, by mail, by phone, by electronic transfer and/or online.

Gifts From Your Will or Trust

Charitable bequests specify how an individual’s assets are to be distributed after death. Bequests can be given at a specific dollar amount or as a percentage of assets. By investing in Brite Divinity School you join a distinguished group of individuals, foundations and congregations who are committed to providing theological education of the highest quality. We are prepared to assist you in your philanthropic efforts, in consultation with your financial advisor, to help you make the best choice for you and your family.

Stock and Appreciated Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities include publicly traded or closely held stock and taxable or tax-exempt bonds. You can give appreciated stocks, bonds and mutual fund shares as gifts. Brite accepts these gifts by electronic transfer.

Business Interests

You may offer the proceeds from the transfer or sale of business interests. These gifts must be reviewed by Brite’s Gift Acceptance Committee and comply with Brite’s Gift Acceptance policies.

Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance policies are a simple way of making a gift with little, if any, out-of-pocket expense. You can make this gift by naming Brite as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary of a paid-up policy or make a revocable estate distribution by naming Brite as a beneficiary.

Gifts of Real Estate

You can transfer real property including residential, agricultural, rental, commercial and oil and gas properties to Brite. All real estate gifts will be reviewed by Brite’s Gift Acceptance Committee and must comply with Brite’s Gift Acceptance policies.


Tangible property and personal effects, including jewelry, art and other collections, may be considered for gifts to Brite. All donations of this nature must be approved by Brite’s Gift Acceptance Committee and comply with Brite’s Gift Acceptance policy.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Gifts given in memory or honor of an individual offer a meaningful way to recognize family or friends or to commemorate special ocassions.

Matching Gifts 

Brite welcomes matching gifts from employers. This is an effective way to double or triple your gift. Please check to see if your organization has a matching gift program.

Charitable Gift Annuity (Deferred)

The Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity (DCGA) is a simple contract between you and Brite Divinity School guaranteeing an agreed fixed payment to you and/or one other person for the beneficiary’s lifetime in return for a gift of cash, marketable securities or other assets. DCGA payments are set to begin at a specified time and are typically higher than payments for an immediate CGA. The minimum gift for a DCGA is $10,000.

Charitable Gift Annuity (Flexible)

Like the Immediate and Deferred, the Flexible Charitable Gift annuity (FCGA) is an easy way to make a gift. The FCGA offers you a range of possible starting dates. The minimum gift for a FCGA is $10,000.

Charitable Trusts

A Charitable Trust is an excellent way to give a gift and provide an income stream to one or more individuals or to Brite. There are different kinds of trusts, including Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts, Charitable Remainder Unitrusts, Charitable Lead Trusts and Flip Unitrusts. Trusts, unlike annuities, can offer payments to more than two income beneficiaries. All Charitable Trusts are governed by Brite’s Gift Acceptance policy. The minimum gift for a trust is $50,000.

Retained Life Estate Gifts

You may choose to deed your current residence, farm or vacation house while still living in or using the property. You retain all the expenses related to maintaining the property during your lifetime. Upon your death the property will be transferred to Brite.

Retirement Plan Gifts

Donors may elect to distribute gifts from their 401(k), IRA or other types of retirement plans. You are urged to consult with your tax advisors to determine the most desirable distribution regarding taxation and charitable interests.