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This community values relatedness that is built around such lived qualities as honesty, grace, openness, curiosity, and passion.

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"Brite's commitment to practice provides a space
for reflection as I seek to help build a bridge between
academy and church."
- C.R. Jenkins

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The Office of Admissions at Brite Divinity School welcomes you to explore and discern joining a community engaged in transforming scholarship, justice, and practice. Our students, faculty, and staff engage in critical scholarship with commitments to justice that promote the flourishing of all creation. Brite provides a context for thriving, and thriving abundantly. A full-time residential faculty, 10:1 student-teacher ratio, generous need-based financial aid and merit scholarships, vibrant community life, and partnership with Texas Christian University are just a few of the many characteristics that make Brite distinctive in the landscape of graduate theological education. We invite you to discover all things “BRITE” and beautiful through our website and social media accounts @britedivinity.

Application for Admission

The first step in pursuing your Brite education is requesting an application using the form on our website. After receiving your request, a member of the Admissions staff will send you an application portfolio, which contains all of the forms needed to complete a successful application. Our Admissions team is ready to answer questions and walk alongside you throughout this process. In addition, we will gladly arrange for you to attend a class, meet with students and faculty, tour the campus, and have a formal admissions interview so that you may fully experience the best of the Brite life.

Financial Information

Brite offers a strong financial aid program to support students throughout their programs of study. Students may offset the costs of their theological education through scholarships, grants, loans, service to area churches and other resources.


Leibrock Village has become a hallmark of the Brite experience. Its residents are full-time students who know their neighbors, plan and enjoy social events, take part in study groups, and meet interesting speakers in small, informal group settings. This 56-unit residential community is located a short walk from campus.

What to Expect

Theological education at Brite goes beyond simply increasing knowledge to deepening students’ understanding of their own faith in the context of the larger world. Students are encouraged to think critically and to engage the major social issues of our day. Brite nurtures the gifts required to meet the challenges of congregational leadership, helping churches to grow and thrive as vital communities of faith. In addition, degree programs have been specially designed to equip leaders for non-congregational settings of ministry, with lay and continuing education programs that increase readiness for ministry with particular attention to underserved populations.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Brite Divinity School is an institution that values diversity and challenges structures that intentionally or unintentionally encourage discrimination. As such, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, social class, age, disability status, citizenship status, membership or application for membership in a uniformed service, or any other category protected by applicable law. Where there are discrepancies with Federal and State policies, they supersede Brite’s policies.

Brite Divinity School is an equal opportunity employer and maintains a policy of nondiscrimination with respect to all employees and applicants for employment. All personnel actions, such as recruitment, hiring, training promotion, transfer, layoff, recall, compensation and benefits, discipline, termination, and educational, recreational, and social programs are administered under the provision of our general nondiscrimination and inclusion statement. Employment decisions, subject to the legitimate business requirements of Brite, are based solely on an individual’s qualifications, merits, and performance.

Brite is committed to promoting a diverse and just environment, in which language and practices support the achievement of inclusion. Specifically, Brite seeks to remove all barriers to the maintenance and aspirations of its Mission Statement and Non-Discrimination Statement in the following ways:

  • Brite Divinity School promotes the intentional use of Inclusive language. This includes reference to such matters as language about God and humanity as noted in our Nondiscrimination and Inclusion Statement. Inclusive language in the classroom, chapel, and in common discourse is expected of students, staff, and faculty.
  • Brite Divinity School maintains nondiscrimination in all its programs and activities, admission to these programs and activities, financial aid, and housing.