Brite's faculty is comprised of distinguished teacher-scholars who are leaders in the academy, the church and in public life.

Executive Administration
Practical Theology
Student Services
Theology & Ethics
Warner Bailey
Warner Bailey Director of Presbyterian Studies
Fred Barber
Fred Barber Director of Episcopal Studies
Loren Baxter
Loren Baxter Director of Technology Resources
Charles K. Bellinger
Charles K. Bellinger Theological Librarian and Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics
Sandra Brandon
Sandra Brandon Administrative Assistant
Rita Brock
Rita Brock Director of Soul Repair
Warren Carter
Warren Carter Professor of New Testament
Linda Dabney
Linda Dabney Brite Student Records
Vanessa Daley
Vanessa Daley Director of Brite Communication & Marketing
Russell W. Dalton
Russell W. Dalton Professor of Religious Education
Keri Day
Keri Day Associate Professor of Theological and Social Ethics and Black Church Studies
James O. Duke
James O. Duke I. Wylie and Elizabeth M. Briscoe Professor of History of Christianity and History of Christian Thought
Terry Ewing
Terry Ewing Senior Associate for Brite Advancement
Ariel Feldman
Ariel Feldman Rosalyn and Manny Rosenthal Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies and Director of the Jewish Studies Program
Valerie Forstman
Valerie Forstman Assistant Dean for Common Life
Wil Gafney
Wil Gafney Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible
Nancy Grieser
Nancy Grieser Director of Brite Housing
Francisco Lozada, Jr.
Francisco Lozada, Jr. Charles Fischer Catholic Associate Professor of New Testament and Latina/o Church Studies
Namsoon Kang
Namsoon Kang Professor of World Christianity and Religions
Timothy S. Lee
Timothy S. Lee Associate Professor of the History of Christianity and Director of Asian (Korean) Church Studies
Joretta Marshall
Joretta Marshall Executive Vice President and Dean, Professor of Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Care and Counseling
Shelly Matthews
Shelly Matthews Professor of New Testament
Barbara J. McClure
Barbara J. McClure Associate Professor: Pastoral Theology and Practice
Cameron Navarro
Cameron Navarro Administrative Assistant, Office of Admissions
Janet Neff
Janet Neff Manager of Advancement Data
Lance Pape
Lance Pape Granville and Erline Walker Assistant Professor of Homiletics
Tommy Potter
Tommy Potter Assistant Vice President, Brite Advancement
Nancy J. Ramsay
Nancy J. Ramsay Professor of Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Care
Timothy H. Robinson
Timothy H. Robinson Alberta H. and Harold L. Lunger Associate Professor of Spiritual Disciplines and Resources
Tamara N. Rodenberg
Tamara N. Rodenberg Vice President of Advancement
Reina Rodriguez
Reina Rodriguez Administrative Assistant
Nathan A. Russell
Nathan A. Russell Admissions Associate
Jim Sanders
Jim Sanders Director of Methodist Studies
Timothy Sandoval
Timothy Sandoval Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible
Michele Smith
Michele Smith Vice President of Business and Finance
Stephen V. Sprinkle
Stephen V. Sprinkle Professor of Practical Theology and Director of Field Education and Supervised Ministry
Suzanne Stone
Suzanne Stone Assistant to the Dean
Eilene Theilig
Eilene Theilig Director of Lay and Continuing Education
Ed Waggoner
Ed Waggoner Assistant Professor of Theology in The Rt. Reverend Sam B. Hulsey Chair in Episcopal Studies
Roger Wedell
Roger Wedell Program Director for Financial Well Being Grant
D. Newell Williams
D. Newell Williams President and Professor of Modern and American Church History
Jeffrey Williams
Jeffrey Williams Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Institutional Effectiveness Officer and Assistant Professor of American Religious History
Kathleen Winter
Kathleen Winter Assistant to the President