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Lilly Endowment Project on Financial Well-Being

Conversations about finances can be awkward and analyzing our own financial situation can be confusing and frustrating. Regardless of our personal discomfort or the levels of confusion and frustration, it’s important to be aware of our level of financial literacy and to develop an understanding of the world of finance so that we can be good stewards of God’s good gifts to us and so that we can model that stewardship for our colleagues and the congregations and institutions we serve. These materials are intended to assist our students and graduates in understanding the concepts of financial literacy; improving their financial literacy; understanding the short- and long-term impact of debt; developing knowledge and skills for managing debt; identifying resources for supporting their studies at Brite Divinity School; and, intentionally planning for the future.

We hope that you find these resources helpful and that you will check back periodically for any updates we will provide. We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the usefulness of the information provided and recommendations for additional resources. Click on this link to send your comments.

Financial Literacy
Financial Planning
Financing Your Studies at Brite Divinity School
Outside Employment While Attending Brite Divinity School 

*Disclaimer – Nothing in these materials or the materials referenced here is intended as specific financial or tax advice.  Every person’s financial situation is unique and requires careful analysis. Links and references to self-help and professional services are provided herein.  Brite Divinity School makes no representation as to the efficacy or suitability of these links or references to your specific situation.