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About Brite

Educate, Empower and Inspire

At Brite Divinity School, we know you want to become a more confident, compassionate leader. To do that, you need skills and training that will help ensure your success. The problem is, you wonder if there is room for you in the ministry roles you envision. That can make you feel perplexed and uncertain.

Our Mission & Values

Degrees at Brite

Find the right degree to effect change in the professions and passions you pursue.

We believe it should be easier to pursue your calling, even as you grow in your spiritual beliefs and understanding. We want you to feel connected and affirmed, which is why we offer an education that honors each individual.

Explore Academics

Programs that shape hearts & minds

We have a unique understanding of how to navigate shifts in theological understanding while growing in spiritual beliefs. We Equip students with not just the education they need, but timely information and insight to the current state of culture and business.

Living in Fort Worth

Brite sits in the heart of Fort Worth, TX, which is currently the 13th-largest city in the United States.

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Brite alums play a vital role in the support and advancement of Brite.

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Support Brite


Your gifts to Brite’s academic mission enable faculty, staff and administration to visualize, create and offer educational opportunities designed to meet the needs of the church, academy and world.