Ariel Feldman

Brite Divinity School educates women and men to lead in the ministry of Christ’s church, the academy and public life as witnesses to God’s reconciling and transforming love and justice.

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Ph.D., University of Haifa, 2008
M.A., University of Haifa, 2004
B.A., University of Haifa, 2002




  • Beyond Canon: Jewish Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha
  • Introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Reading Jewish Aramaic Texts
  • The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • The Bible at Qumran
  • The Former Prophets Retold
  • The Patriarchs In Ancient Jewish Literature
  • Warriors, Prophets, and Sages


  • The Rewritten Joshua Scrolls from Qumran: Texts, Translations, and Commentary, Berlin: de Gruyter, 2013.

Journal Articles, Book Chapters and Book Reviews

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  • “Creating a Digital Tool for the Study of Biblical Quotations and Allusions in the Dead Sea Scrolls," A (together with F. Feldman) A Manchester, Newton Fellowship, and Nordic Network Symposium, University of Manchester, 24-26 July 2013
  • “On Kings and Prophets: Rewriting Former Prophets at Qumran”, the 16th Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, July 2013.
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Professional Affiliations

Society of Biblical Literature
Association for Jewish Studies
World Union of Jewish Studies