Vote for Moderator of BSA

April 16, 2010

Don’t forget to check your email and vote for Micah James for Moderator.

Micah James is running for Moderator and because she is the only one running for Moderator we will be holding a vote of confidence.  Students of Brite Divinity School will have one week to vote for Micah after that the voting will be closed. Below is her bio:

I am currently serving as the Community Conversation Coordinator for BSA. I am in my second semester at Brite and I am loving every minute! I am eager to continue contributing to the community using my gifts in organization and planning. I have served in many capacities within my denomination (Disciples of Christ) as well as in the community. Before coming to Brite I was a Middle School teacher which gave me many experiences with teachers, families and student from diverse backgrounds. So one of my commitments in my ministry is to continue to connect with diverse communities.  I would be honored to serve as Moderator.

Brite Student Association