The Disciples Leadership Institute

June 18, 2014

The Disciples Leadership Institute is accepting applications for the 2014 Conference. The Disciples Leadership Institute is a project, sponsored by HELM and Reconciliation Ministries, to increase interaction of young leaders across the barriers of race, language, culture, and congregational character in order to increase the interaction among the congregations they lead.

On September 14-19, 2014 DLI will gather a group of emerging leaders with approximately equal numbers of African American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, Anglo and Haitian Disciples.

The conference will be held at Wasatch Retreat and Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.  Participants will arrive on Monday, September 14 and depart on Friday, September 19.  There is no registration fee for participants.  Meals and lodging are provided, and also a significant subsidy for the cost of travel.

If you are interested in participating in DLI 2014, please fill out the survey at  by June 30, 2014.

The DLI experience assumes that faith deepens and becomes more powerful when it is shared and that relationships deepen through faith-sharing. A steering committee of participants oversees a process of “testimony and response” in which participant volunteers talk about their individual faith journeys, their communities of faith, and how they have come to understand basic elements of the Christian faith—God, Christ, Spirit, Community. Other participants have the opportunity to respond to this testimony with appreciation, questions and challenges.

Participants covenant to maintain relationship through any misunderstandings that arise and spend the entire week together sharing worship, meals, and recreation as well as conversations.

Immediate results include the ability to describe the Christian experience of a colleague in a manner satisfactory to that colleague. Our experience shows that engaging differences with integrity leads directly to an experience of commonality. Long-term results are manifest in continuing friendship and colleagueship among participants and the drawing of others—individuals and communities—into this safe engaging of differences.  DLI is fully participant- led. The Steering Committee that created DLI summarized it this way:

“DLI engages leaders in a model of community that deepens understanding and develops relationships across the perceived boundaries of race, culture and language. We entrust the Holy Spirit to create a place where we can share deeply and authentically about our experience of God. We do this to increase our effectiveness in building up the Body of Christ and sharing the Gospel.”