The 2010 Conference: Leading as Ourselves

February 14, 2010
The Young Clergy Women Project is an ecumenical, international organization that connects female clergy under age 40 for friendship, support, wisdom-sharing, and continuing education.  TYCWP’s 400+ members represent more than 23 denominations, 7 countries, and 45 states.

TYCWP partnered with the Cathedral College of Preachers in Washington, DC, to offer conferences in 2007 and 2008.  With the close of Cathedral College, TYCWP began to dream about what a conference designed from the ground up by and for young clergy women would look like.  TYCWP is proud to announce the conference described below, running from late afternoon/early evening on June 27, 2010, through noon on June 30, 2010 (more detailed schedule to follow).

‘Leading as Ourselves…’

Need a chance to learn and connect with young clergy women like yourself?  Want the chance to re-examine, revitalize, and recharge with others who share your journey?  Then THIS is your conference.
We’ll be blessed by the coaching of Rev. Melissa Clodfelter and Rev. Beth Kennett and the guidance of other colleagues as we consider what leadership looks like in 2010 and how we engage that leadership in powerful, balanced ways.

Our world and our church today sit squarely in need of a paradigm shift.  Programs and quick fixes will not work in the places we serve.  Snippets and soundbytes are not sufficient as we seek to engage our neighbors.  We must move to our great core strength and prophetic voice.  We must think about our own leadership style, what God might be calling us to do through that style, what does and doesn’t work in our ministry settings, and how we can enhance what we’re already doing to empower others as well as ourselves.  In the context of warm community, honest sharing, and probably some chocolate, this is what we’ll begin to explore in our time together.

You’ll want to be here.  Come join us.