TCU Sustainability Lecture Series

September 2, 2010

TCU Sustainability Lecture Series

The new TCU Sustainability Lecture Series is open to the public and features 15 guest lecturers presenting on the topic of sustainability. Topics include architecture, automobiles, rainwater harvesting, sustainable living and self sufficiency, business, careers, water conservation, recycling, farming, philosophy, gardens, religion, consumer choices, environmental politics, and food. See the link for the updated schedule and details of lectures.
TCU Department of Sociology and Anthropology Sustainability Lecture Series
Open to the Public

Time: 1:00-1:50 p.m.

Location: Sid W. Richardson, Lecture Hall 1

Aug 27   Keith Whitworth, Ph.D.   Sustainability and the Moral Imperative: The Global Cultural Tipping Point   TCU Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Sept 1   David Rodriguez, LEED AP   The Green Architectural Revolution: The U.S. Green Building Council and the LEED Rating System   Ware Architecture

Sept 8   Craig Eppling   The Future of the Automobile and What Will Power It   General Motors, Regional Communications Manager

Sept 15   Dotty Woodson, Ed.D.   Rainwater Harvesting   Extension Program Specialist, Water Resources, Texas AgriLife Extension, Texas A & M

Sept 22   Connie Nahoolewa, MSW   Sustainable Living and Self Sufficiency: Past, Present, and Future   Director at Northside Interchurch Agency

Sept 29   Michael Gilbert, CEO   ROI of Sustainability   element 6 group, inc., Custom Strategies for Carbon Reduction (ROI   Return On Investment)

Oct 6   John Thompson III, Executive Director   Truth, Lies, and What That Has to Do with My Career?   TCU Career Services

Oct 13   Andy Schoolmaster, Ph.D.   The Future of Our Water: Consumption, Clashes, and Conservation  Dean of TCU AddRan College of Liberal Arts

Oct 20   Mitzi Carter   Recycling: An Overview of the Recycling Industry and TCUs Paper Recycling Initiative   Evergreen Paper Recycling, Inc.

Oct 27   All Natural Meat Production

Nov 3 & 5  Richard Galvin, Ph.D., & John Harris, Ph.D.   Moral Standing and the Environment   TCU Department of Philosophy

Nov 10   Scott Feille   My Life as a Tree: How REAL School Gardens Educates for Sustainability   REAL School Gardens, Regional Program Director

Nov 17   Dave Aftandilian, Ph.D.   Religion and Sustainability   TCU Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Nov 19   Amy Roehl   An Ecclectic Approach to Sustainability   TCU Department of Design, Merchandising & Textiles

Nov 29   Lisa Vanderlinden, Ph.D.   The Environmental Politics of Dams and Indigenous People   TCU Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Dec 1   Giri Akkaraju, Ph.D.   My Food Comes From Where?!!   TCU Department of Biology

For more information, contact Keith H. Whitworth, Ph.D., (817-257-5941).