SCM film on HOME: Homelessness, Poverty & Economic Justice

April 14, 2010

Dear friends,

the Student Christian Movement of Canada is hoping to have some US students attend their General Conference to be held in Vancouver on May 2-9.

If you are interested, please fill out the application form and send it out. If you know of students who may be interested, please pass it on!

best regards!

Luciano Kovacs

We in the Student Christian Movement of Canada (SCM) are excited to release a short film for our 2010 General Conference on HOME: Homelessness, Poverty & Economic Justice. The 6 minute documentary features music, videos of Olympics housing & Indigenous solidarity protests, images from past SCM events, and interviews with students on the meaning of ‘home.’

Watch it, share it with your friends, and post the link on your Facebook profile! We need your help promoting it in your community, local unit, chaplaincy, organization and church.

More information on HOME: Homelessness, Poverty & Economic Justice – you can register, apply for travel & registration bursaries, read about our speakers/resource people and the venue!

Register by April 1 – there are LOTS of travel bursaries available to make this event accessible to people from across the entire country.

We’re also announcing our conference lodgings (right on Jericho Beach, Vancouver) and one of our Resource People, the Rev. Brian Heinrich, with Lutheran Urban Mission Society. More info on these on the conference webpage, and we’ll be updating the page as more details become available (schedule, other speakers, exposure tour, etc).

Blessings & Solidarity,

David Ball
General Secretary, SCM Canada

p.s. I’ve attached a poster and registration form

Registration Form
poster pdf

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