SCM Canada: All Things New Magazine- Oct 1st

September 28, 2010

SCM Canada: All Things New Magazine

Submission Callout!

Submission deadline: October 1

Theme: Fall 2010, Faith (In)Security

We are seeking submissions to the upcoming Fall 2010 All Things New magazine issue! Our theme for this issue is focusing on security and how that impacts the world today. Do you have a catchy title to share?

Since the G8 and G20 meetings happened this summer, we thought it was a good time to reflect and analyze the current state of security in our world. Do you have a story to share about an experience at the G8/G20? How are the increased security measures affecting your life (travel, work, activism)? Have you traveled somewhere security looks different and creates challenges for daily life? What does the post-9/11 world look like – how has it challenged/weakened interfaith and intercultural relations?

As well, we would love some stories and reflections on our General Conference that happened in Vancouver last May on HOME, Homelessness, and Economic Justice. Was there a day/session that has stayed with you? What were your major learnings? How has it impacted your life back home? Do you have a story/poem/prayer to offer of/for the people we met in Vancouver?

Also, any submissions relating to our SCM goals of spirituality, justice & community are welcome, including diverse faith and political perspectives.

We are looking for:

–    essays / articles
–    personal reflections
–    graphics: art, cartoons, photos
–    prayers & liturgies; poetry / prose
–    craft or art projects
–     anything you feel moved to create

We welcome news and contributions from all SCM Friends and non-SCMers as well. Please spread the callout widely!

Submissions can be emailed to , or contact us for further mailing information.

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