request for a retraction from TCU Daily Skiff

March 11, 2011

A few days ago the body of Marcal Camero Tye was found early Tuesday morning off Highway 334 in Forest City, Arkansas. Marcal was a transgender woman who was shot and dragged behind a vehicle several hundred feet. The Memphis newspaper and Associated Press originally ran the article, "Man in women’s clothing found shot." Both the Memphis newspaper and AP issued a retraction and apology.

Despite the retraction by the AP, TCU’s Daily Skiff ran the following article in their newspaper: "Man in women’s clothes found dead along ark. road." This article appeared in the "Weird News section" along with a story about a killed alligator and a guy caught in an airvent because he was smoking.

I’ve contacted the daily skiff and informed them that the murdered woman was named Marcal Camero Tye, that she was transgender, and that she was murdered. I’ve asked them to retract their article and issue a correction– The story doesn’t belong in the "weird news section," and the headline is incorrect. I’ve also contacted the TCU LGBTQ group who will soon be sending emails and calls to the daily skiff as well.

Please consider sending and email or placing a call to the daily skiff asking them to retract their article with a correction.

Contacts: Editor in Cheif: 817-257-6269,
Advisor: 817-257-6556,

I don’t intend to use our email list as an alert to social activism, but I thought this was important considering this information was sent from a TCU newspaper.