Post doc fellowship

June 3, 2010

The Gerald Averay Wainwright Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Near
Eastern Archaeology

The Gerald Averay Wainwright Fund for Near Eastern Archaeology
currently supports a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship. The Fellowship
provides an opportunity for outstanding younger scholars to obtain
research experience in the field of non-classical archaeology (not
literary or philological studies) of any country or countries of
Northern Africa and the Near East (from Morocco to Afghanistan).

The previous Research Fellow is Dr. Linda Hulin, who was appointed on
1st September 2006 to study The Egyptian Experience of Empire in New
Kingdom Egypt and the Levant


Please see the amended documents below for details – the 2010 deadline
is now June 18th 2010, with interviews being held in Oxford on Friday
June 25th 2010. This revision is made to accommodate a rise in pay
scale of the offered Fellowship in line with University employment

The Fellowship advertisement is also available on the University of
Oxford’s website at the following URL:

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