New ID Cards

June 28, 2010


See the information below. You are encouraged to get your new TCU ID card now before lines get lengthy late in July and in August. To insure continued building access and laundry privileges, be certain to tell ID Card staff that you live in Leibrock Village. They will have an excel spread sheet to confirm your residency. This will not affect the temporary ID cards used by spouses.


Faculty and Staff-July is YOUR month!!!

If you have not already done so, please make plans to visit the ID Center in JULY

between 8am and 5pm Mondaythrough Friday.

The last experience many employees may have had when obtaining an ID card might have included waiting in line for a half-hour and then a possible return trip to come back and pick up their ID cards at a later date. Thanks to modern technology this is no longer the case! The good news is:

1) It takes 30 seconds to reprint an ID Card.

2) The average visit of an employee in the ID Center is about 3 minutes.*(This time will be significantly longer in August!)

3) There is 15-minute parking in front of the BLUU.

4) The ID Center is open for 9 hours daily (8am to 5pm) Monday through Friday, including the lunch hour.

The purpose for updating the TCU Identification Card is two-fold. First, the background photo has been updated to include the new Frog Fountain, the BLUU and the Commons area. Second, because the TCU ID Card is an official form of ID (meaning that the name on the card matches the holder’s Social Security number and displays a recent photo) it is important that we do our due diligence to keep the ID photo current – preferably with a photo that is no more than 5 years old.

In addition to being an official form of ID, our TCU ID cards also provide access to buildings and dining funds which means that we must further consider making sure that obtaining a new ID card is done in a manner that is secure. Therefore, it is the policy of this project that each person physically brings their own ID card into the ID Card office and exchanges it for a new card.

This project is scheduled to take place over a five-month period (June-October) in order to accommodate the replacement of approximately 15,000 cards.

*All employees are strongly encouraged to visit the ID Center during the month of July to obtain their new ID card.

If you chose to come in August, here are a few suggestions:

1) Be prepared to wait in lines. There will be approximately 8000 students all trying to replace their ID cards as well!

2) Consider parking in lot 3 and riding the shuttle to the BLUU.

3) Avoid coming at 8am or the lunch hour as these will be prime times and the lines will be longer.

Sheri Milhollin

ID Card Services Coordinator

BLUU, Room 2033