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Brite Graduates: Transforming Scholarship, Justice, & Practice

Brite Divinity School’s masters and doctoral graduates carry Brite’s ethos into their ministries and vocations. This extended community remains connected by a robust theological education, shared experiences, and mutual support. Brite graduates serve as pastors, chaplains, counselors, educators, leaders of non-profit organizations, and public policy advocates. We are grateful for the manifold contributions these servant leaders make at home and around the world.

Are You a Brite Graduate?

Your relationship with Brite can continue to be generative! As an alum, you are positioned to be ambassadors for future generations. Graduates are poised to shape the direction of graduate theological education by seeking out and referring potential students to Brite’s programs. Alumnae/i are primary influencers on behalf of Brite’s mission to “educate and inspire people to serve God’s diverse world as leaders in churches, the academy, and public life.”


Take Action

Connect with Other GraduatesJoin the Brite Alumnae/i Facebook Group

You can stay connected with your
peers and colleagues via Facebook groups.
Request to join today!

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Join the Alum councilGet involved with the Alumnae/i Council

Brite’s Alumnae/i Council provides an
important perspective to the work of
Brite’s faculty, staff, and students.

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Volunteer your time at events.

Volunteer Your Time at Events

Brite’s admissions team does its best to
be present at events and conferences
to build relationships and share information
about Brite. Sometimes, the cost of attendance
or the timing of an event prohibits our
participation. YOU can be our representative
for Brite!

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Update Your Information

Brite’s ability to keep graduates connected depends on updated contact information. Our graduates serve in a variety of organizations and ministries and can move from one position to another over the course of a career. Please provide us with your current contact information regularly, even if you believe nothing has changed. We would rather have the confirmation than no connection at all!