Leibrock Village Housing Signup

April 7, 2010

The time to renew housing contracts for May 16th 2010 through May 15th 2011, or any portion thereof, begins today, Tuesday, April 6th.   The Early Renewal Option is available until May 1st.  Those who don’t choose the Early Renewal Option are billed the higher Housing Fee for incoming residents.  Housing fees for Brite Divinity School students are slightly lower than TCU graduate student housing rates as they are subsidized by the Church.  The 2010-2011 Housing Handbook and Housing Agreement are attached for your review.  Changes are primarily dates and rates.  However, by request to increase security a fine of $50 for propped exterior doors has been added.

Our struggle to keep housing fees low has delayed announcement of 2010-2011 housing rates by one week.   For that reason the due date for Intent to Vacate forms has been extended one week until April 12th.  An approximate move-out date and future address is sufficient.  Knowing how many people are planning to vacate will help me know how many reservations can be accepted for Fall housing.

If you would like to move to another apartment within the Village, come talk to me or send an e-mail to me now, so I can reserve your preferred space for you.

Summer housing, for those who are vacating, is billed by the week on a pro-rated basis for weeks of residency after May 15th.  Since their TCU student account is no longer active, after May 31st graduates pay the housing fee in the office on the last business day of each month for the coming month or weeks of residency .

Current residents who check out for the summer (don’t pay rent), but want to resume living in the Village in Fall, must remove their items from their apartments and will be put on a wait list for available spaces.

Our goal is to meet operating expenses while keeping the housing fee as low as possible.  To this end, we ask for your partnership in being conservative with the use of electricity and water.  Close blinds when you are away from your apartment to keep the summer heat out.  Do not leave lights and appliances on when they are not actively being used.

If you will be away for several days or more, please turn off your alarm clock.   It become annoying to neighbors.

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Nancy Grieser

Intent to Vacate Form
Brite Housing Handbook 2010-2011
Leibrock Village Housing Agreement

Brite Student Association