Leibrock Village

February 2, 2010

The pressure release valve, a safety device in the water heater in each apartment, malfunctioned in an apartment in Moore House at 2 am Saturday. I’ve been assured this is a rare occurrence. However, to spare you the discomfort and inconvenience of a flood in your apartment, a TCU plumber will check all water heaters in the Village during the next several days. Reminder: It is dangerous to store anything on or above the overflow pan of the water heater.

Game Night – this Thursday, 8 – 10 pm. Come prepared to have fun. Snacks BYOB Bring your favorite game or tell us what it is. Perhaps one of the staff owns a copy.

Please e-mail notice of any burned out light bulbs in your apartment to me.

For your safety and that of your neighbors, DO NOT let anyone into our buildings.

Nancy Grieser