Journal of the Bible and Human Transformation: Launch

November 6, 2010

Introducing a new peer-reviewed, open-access journal:
Journal of Bible and Human Transformation
edited by Yung Suk Kim
coming in Spring 2011
The Journal of Bible and Human Transformation (JBHT) looks at the intersections of the Bible and human transformation. Human transformation can be broadly understood as all aspects of change in relation to self or human life. Such changes may include a change in self-knowledge; a change or renewal of self-critical examination; a change of personal attitude toward others, community, or society; or different ways of experiencing of the self, especially in difficult times. Some of the important questions are:
How can the Bible help humans to change their view of self, life, community, or society?

How can we challenge the traditional view of human transformation?

What is an ideal change to self?

In what ways do human communities serve as sites and subjects of transformation, in relation to the self and to other communities?

JBHT attempts to cover a wide range of issues related to human transformation and the Bible. This journal will look into both the positive and negative roles of the Bible in human transformation. We encourage the interpreter to focus on the issues of human transformation through interdisciplinary approaches to the Bible. All in all, JBHT ushers in a new stage of critically engaged practice of human transformation and the Bible in our diverse global world today.
The inaugural editorial board includes Valerie Bridgeman, Greg Carey, Jaime Clark-Soles, Davina Lopez, Raymond Pickett, Carolyn Pressler,Timothy Sandoval, Carolyn Sharp, Mitzi Smith, and Larry Welborn.
JBHT is actively recruiting submissions of articles and book reviews. We can accept articles of any length, but most submissions will be 15-25 manuscript pages. Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style.
Send your submissions and inquiries to the JBHT editor:

Yung Suk Kim,
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