Hispanic Ministries Institute

March 29, 2011


Brite Divinity School is pleased to announce that its next Hispanic Ministries Institute will be offered June 5-10, 2011. Remember that we will do everything that is possible to help you attend the Latino summer program at Brite. We would like to inform you about some of the costs and benefits related to our summer Institute.

·     We are offering Theological Education in Spanish with a recognized faculty. Ministers and participants do not pay tuition or other education related fees. Please reserve $50.00 to buy your text books.

·     Registration is $100.00 per person. Disciple pastors have scholarships available through some area or regions. It is important that we receive this payment by the May 20, 2011 dateline.

·     Meals are $28.10 per day totaling $140.10 for the week. The Center is offering pastors scholarships to cover the meals expense if they register on time. Please ask Reina about this scholarship when registering before the dateline of May 20, 2011. Participants who register after the dateline will cover their own meals expense.

·     The dorms at TCU are $50.00 per day, with linens, or $250.00 for the week. Many local congregations cover this expense for their pastors. This amount should also be turned in to our office before the dateline of May 20, 2011.

We understand that there may be unexpected circumstances. Ordained ministers, pastors, and church leaders, register as soon as possible. Please call Reina Rodriguez at 817-257-7575 for more information or to coordinate any special need that you may have.

In Christ,

Luis C. Bernard, D.Min.

Center for Latino/a Church Studies

Brite Divinity School

Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, TX 76129