Good Sex/Bad Sex: Christian Taboos, Testimonies, and Transcendence

May 10, 2011

My name is Mike Uca-Dorn and I am the director of The Truth Force Project. I am writing to inform you of our exciting new Activist-Scholar program, Good Sex/Bad Sex: Christian Taboos, Testimonies, and Transcendence which may be of interest to your students. In The Truth Force Project (TFP) we practice the fearless pursuit of truth in community, through faith, reason, and action in order to draw ever closer to Jesus and be the church we wish to see.

Starting this month, we are beginning recruitment for young people ages 18-22 who are interested in investigating sex-positive and sex-negative formation and LGBTQ concerns in a Christian context.

Based online, TFP connects young people together from across the country through video conferencing and is a new project of Hosanna! People’s Seminary based in New York City. Our ministry team brings years of experience working in a variety of youth and young adult ministry settings.

We know that your students are busy. The Activist-Scholars Program takes about five hours per month. Here’s how the program works:

  • Attend nine interactive sessions via video conference from your computer. Sessions include guest speakers, films, presentations, and study of the issue.
  • Complete at least two hours of service a month related to the issue in your community. (Students already engaged in related service can use it to meet this requirement.)
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to do a small capstone project on the issue.
  • Reflect on and share your journey throughout the program via Facebook, blogs, YouTube, a journal, etc.
  • Pray.

If you think that any of your students may be interested in our program, I would very much appreciate your sharing our website on Facebook, bulletin boards, and through any other sources that might help spread the word. Our program is meant for both students who are experienced with the issue and those who are just beginning their interest. There is no cost for the program and applicants have until June 15th to apply. All applicants will be notified in early July regarding their status.

Yours in Christ,

Mike Uca-Dorn

Director, The Truth Force Project

APPLY ONLINE for the 2011-12 Activist-Scholars Program.