Why I Give to Brite

I remember being told, while at Brite in the early 1970’s that we were being educated to serve a church that did not yet exist. That prophecy, in the long and happy years of my pastorates, proved to be true. I expect that something of the same is now being said of the contemporary classrooms with an urgency and certainty beyond anything that we, back then, could have imagined. Indeed, these are exciting times, and those who would respond to the calling of God to serve a church which, quite possibly, would have been unrecognizable to us almost half a century ago.

My father, Dr. Arthur Digby, certainly believe in the importance of education and served on the Board of Directors for many years in addition to this active role in mentoring and encouraging young women and men in the pursuit of the service to Christ and the church. And my mother, Virginia Joy Digby, devoted her professional life to the education of children.

It, therefore, brings my wife, Meg Knol-Digby, and me great happiness to make contributions to the scholarship fund established in my parents’ memory with the prayer that some student or students will be encouraged and supported for the tasks that lie ahead.

David Digby