Getting an Academic Job Workhop

March 22, 2011
APSA getting a job workshop on saturday? If so you need to RSVP today please. It is open to any student who is either enrolled in an advanced program, graduate of an advanced program or is considering pursuing doctoral studies and then teaching.

I am writing to invite you to the upcoming "Getting a Job" Workshop hosted by the Brite Advanced Program Student Association. We are looking forward to this opportunity to cultivate some of the skills necessary when applying for academic positions. The workshop will include seven presenters on a variety of subjects (see below) and will provide time for addressing questions you bring regarding the process of getting a job. There is a $25.00 charge for participation in the workshop that will include lunch. We believe you will find the workshop to be a valuable contribution to your job search process.

Date: Saturday, March 26

Time: 10:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

Location: Weatherly Hall

Cost: $25.00 (includes lunch)


Philosophies of Teaching & Portfolios: Toni Craven and Sherrie Reynolds

Writings CVs, Cover Letters & Locating Jobs: Jeff Williams

Interviewing in Seminaries & Departments of Religion: David Grant and Joretta Marshall

Marketing: Loren Baxter and Adam Brett

Please RSVP your intention to attend the workshop by replying to this e-mail by March 21. You may make your checks payable to "Advanced Program Student Association" and may give them to Cody Sanders, Adam Brett or Dyan Dietz or bring them on the day of the workshop. Please RSVP only if you are certain that you plan to attend. Also, include any dietary restrictions in your reply if special arrangements need to be made for your lunch.

If you live outside of the North Texas region and would like to participate in this workshop, please let us know, as we have the potential to arrange for your participation via the web.

Hope to see you on March 26!


Cody J. Sanders

APSA Moderator

Brite Divinity School