The Misuse and Abuse of Christian Symbols: The Rise of American Christian Nationalism

Date(s) - 04/02/2022
9:30 am - 11:00 am


The Misuse and Abuse of Christian Symbols: The Rise of American Christian Nationalism
Fourteenth W. A. Welsh Seminar
Saturdays, April 2, 9:30 am to 11:00 am (Central Time)

This seminar will explore the creation of the idea of a Christian America, how this notion has created a confusion between public expressions of a peculiarly American faith and Christianity itself, and how, since the 1970s, the idea has been politicized by Christians and non-Christians alike in order to seek a modern system designed to protect or legislate particular political values associated with it.

Mark Toulouse retired from the University of Toronto in 2017 after serving 9 years as Principal at Emmanuel College (a theological school associated with the United Church of Canada).  He and his wife, Jeffica, now live in Fort Worth, Texas. Prior to Toronto, he taught for more than two decades at Brite Divinity School, and served as a dean there for 11 years. He twice received (1999 and 2007), by vote of his colleagues at Brite, the Catherine Saylor Hill Award for Faculty Excellence in Teaching and Research. He is a historian who specializes in the topics of religion and culture, and religion and public life, both in the United States and in Canada, in theological education, and in Disciples history and theology.  Dr. Toulouse holds a PhD from The University of Chicago Divinity School (named “Alumni of the Year” for 2018) and is the author of ten books, including such titles as The Transformation of John Foster Dulles (1985); Joined in Discipleship (1992, and 1996); Makers of Christian Theology in America (1997), God in Public (2006), Renewing Christian Unity (2010), and The Altars Where We Worship (2016).