End of the Year message from the BSA

April 29, 2010

Dear Brite Family,

In a few days the school year will come to an end and I know I am thankful for God’s presence and direction this year.

I want to wish the graduating students all the best as you venture into new territories. I pray the Lord’s hand be with you in every step you take and may you be quiet enough to hear that still small voice for God’s direction. To everyone I wish the best in your finals and I pray the Lord give you strength, wisdom and retentive memory.

As I end my journey here at Brite I am looking forward to even greater things ahead. It has been a great honor serving as your moderator and I am thankful for the many blessings I have received through the faculty, staff and friends. This is a great learning place to be and with God’s help we can all grow in the respective ministries that we serve or will be serving in.

I want to say congratulations to our new Moderator for the incoming year Micah James.

The following wonderful people will be serving with Micah as your officers for Brite Student Association next year. Congratulate them as you see them on campus and please don’t forget that the meetings of BSA are open to all.

Moderator: Micah James
Vice Moderaor: Adam DJ Brett
General Secretary: Jonathan Brink
Chaplain: Jacqueline Morgan
Treasurer: Christal Fisher
Community Conversations Coordinator: Sam Castleberry

Many blessings to you all.


Sarah Hammond

Outgoing Moderator (BSA)

Vice President (BSU)

Master of Arts in Christian Services
Brite Divinity School
Fort Worth, TX