Dr. Sprinkle honored by LGBTQ blog!

November 3, 2011

This week Brite professor, Dr. Stephen Sprinkle, was honored by “Queerty,” a major LGBTQ blog read worldwide, as one of “6 LGBT Seniors You Should Know.”  Read the full article below or here:


Congratulations, Dr. Sprinkle!

“Gray Is Good: 6 LGBT Seniors You Should Know”

Dr. Stephen V. Sprinkle
Dallas, TX

A faculty member at Fort Worth’s Brite Divinity School, Sprinkle, 60, has been making a difference within the typically impermeable walls of organized religion. An ordained Baptist minister, Sprinkle attended Yale Divinity School and is Brite’s first openly gay  scholar. He’s authored two books for Chalice Press, Disciples & Theology and Ordination, as well as reams of articles addressing theology, the Church and queer studies. Sprinkle has also pastored or co-pastored five congregations in Connecticut, Texas and North Carolina (where he was born and raised).

Shocked awake by a “near brush” with anti-gay violence, Sprinkle was inspired to create his website, Unfinished Lives, which he describes as “a place of public discourse which remembers and honors LGBTQ hate-crime victims, while also revealing the reality of unseen violence perpetrated against people whose only ‘offense’ is their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender presentation.”

Asked by the HRC to comment on the passage of 2009’s Matthew Shepard Act, Sprinkle wrote: “The end of the beginning of full equality for my people has come. And we who believe in the fullness of justice will not rest until it comes continue to preach, to pray, and to advocate until all of us our free to love without the threat of violence.”

Nov 1, 2011