Crossing Borders Lecture: Dr. Elsa Tamez

November 2, 2010

“And they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.” Mark 16:8

Crossing Borders Lecture
Dee J. Kelly Alumni Center
Dr. Elsa Tamez

The Gospel of Mark was written from the perspective of an expected outbreak of armed conflict between the Roman Empire and the Jewish people around 66-70 AD. This presentation addresses several concerns that Christians have during war and armed conflicts. What is the Christian position on war or armed conflicts? How can the Christian perspective survive in an environment of open hostility? How do we maintain trust when we live in fear that we may be turned over to the authorities or the dominant group by friends or family members? Should we speak out or must we remain in silence? The Gospel of Mark has some insights on how Christians can handle these imposed limitations during situations of armed conflict.

Elsa Tamez is a Latin American Theologian. Born in Mexico she received her Licentiate in Literature and Linguistics at the National University of Costa Rica and her Doctorate Degree in Theology from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Dr. Tamez is Prof. Emeritus, and past president, of the Latin American Biblical University in Costa Rica. Prof. Tamez is currently working as a translation consultant for the United Biblical Societies. She is married with two children. Among her most known publications in English are: The Bible of the Oppressed (1979), The Amnesty of Grace: Justification by Faith from a Latin American Perspective (1990), When the Horizons Close: Rereading Ecclesiastes (1998), Jesus and Courageous Women of the Bible (2002), Struggles for Power in Early Christianity: A Study of the First Letter to Timothy (2005). Her latest book, Don’t Discriminate against the Poor: A Latin American Reading of James (2008), has not yet been translated into English. She has received several awards for her contribution to Contextual Biblical Hermeneutics.



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