Community Conversation about Bilingual CPE

November 1, 2009

Community Conversation about Bilingual CPE

November 10, 2009 at 12:00 noon
Weatherly Hall – Brite Divinity School
The meal will be Tamales, Rice & Beans by Joel & Xee
They will also be taking up orders for tamales and pumpkin cakes as a fundraiser benefiting our new church start, Latino Fellowship Christian Church

Brite is offering credit for Bilingual CPE through Baylor Health Systems.

CPE instructors will be here to answer questions and/or learn more about the program.

Conversation Hosted by the Center for Latino/a Church Studies @ Brite Divinity School

Bicri Hernandez de Singh
Chaplain at Baylor University Medical Center

Bicri Hernandez de Singh completed her B.A. at Trinity University in San Antonio and her M.Div. at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. She is an ordained Baptist minister and is endorsed by the Baptist General Convention of Texas. She completed four units of CPE at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen and an additional four units of CPE at VA Medical Center in Dallas. She is currently a CPE Supervisory Candidate co-facilitating CPE units in the Baylor Dallas and Fort Worth campuses. She also serves as a chaplain in the oncology areas.

Mark Grace
Chaplain Coordinator at Baylor University Medical Center
Director Pastoral Care & Counseling, Provide leadership, direction and collaboration in a Servant Leadership committed department to plan programs of comprehensive spiritual care for patients, family members and staff in 17 hospitals and the Senior Health Network across the Baylor Health Care System; oversee delivery of direct spiritual care to patients, families and staff by 25 staff chaplains, 30 contract chaplains and about 100 pastoral care volunteers; provide direct pastoral education and lead the implementation of Clinical Pastoral Education programs including a CPE Residency group numbering 13 year-long CPE Residents with a deliberately multicultural ministry focus.

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