Catherine Keller – To Speak at Brite

August 26, 2011

On the Mystery: Discerning God in Process

Fifth Schubert M. Ogden Seminar on Systematic Theology

Stalcup School of Theology for the Laity

Northway Christian Church
Saturday, September 10 9:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.
When does mystery mean a mystification that silences our questions? When does it invite them? In this seminar, we will reflect together on several of the major questions of Christian theology: God and the scientific cosmos, truth in a pluralistic time, evil and divine omnipotence,   the historical Jesus vis a vis the cosmic Christ, end things and new beginnings.  We will consider them from both traditional and innovative points of view, letting the depths of Christian mysticism interact with the challenge of current visions, including feminist, pluralist and ecological theologies. In this we will engage in a theology in process, a process at once reaching back to our diverse theological beginnings and forward into our sharable hopes. The title of the seminar is drawn from Dr. Keller’s book, On the Mystery: Discerning God in Process, which will serve as a resource for the seminar.
 Catherine Keller
Catherine Keller, Professor of Constructive Theology, The Theological School, Drew University
Catherine Keller is Professor of Constructive Theology at the Theological School of Drew University. In her teaching, lecturing and writing, she develops the relational potential of a theology of becoming. Her books reconfigure ancient symbols of divinity for the sake of a planetary conviviality—a life together, across vast webs of difference. She is currently finishing Cloud of the Impossible: Theological Entanglements, which explores the relation of mystical unknowing, material indeterminacy and ontological interdependence. Keller has taught since 1986 in the Theological and Philosophical Studies Area of Drew’s Graduate Division of Religion. After studies in Heidelberg and in seminary, she did her doctoral work at Claremont Graduate University with John B. Cobb,Jr., and remains involved with the Center for Process Studies. Through her leadership of the Drew Transdisciplinary Theological Colloquium since its inception in 2000, she fosters with colleagues and graduate students a hospitable context for its far reaching annual conversations.
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