Buddhist Wisdom and Christian Understanding

December 15, 2010

The Fourth Jean and Patrick Henry, Jr. Seminar
Northway Christian Church, Dallas
Ruben Habito, Professor of World Religions and Spirituality, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Christian encounters with Buddhism date back to the early centuries of Christianity, but it is especially since the latter half of the twentieth century that these encounters have made a significant impact on both sides. Beginning with a brief overview of Christian-Buddhist encounters over the centuries, this lecture series will focus on aspects of Christian theology, spirituality, and ministry that continue to be challenged, revitalized, and enhanced in the light of encounters with Buddhism.

Ruben L.F.Habito is Professor of World Religions and Spirituality at Perkins School of Theology. He earned degrees from Ateneo de Manila University (B.A., 1969), Tokyo University (M. Lit., 1975), Sophia University (S.T.L., 1978) and also holds a Doctor of Letters Certificate from Tokyo University. His publications reflect his interests in Japanese medieval Buddhism, themes in comparative theology, spirituality and socio-ecological engagement and include Experiencing Buddhism: Ways of Wisdom and Compassion (Orbis Books, 2005); Living Zen, Loving God (Wisdom Publications, 2004); “Compassion Out of Wisdom: Buddhist Perspectives from the Past toward the Human Future,” in Stephen Post, et.al., eds., Altruism and Altruistic Love (Oxford University Press, 2002); and Healing Breath: Zen Spirituality for a Wounded Earth (MKZC Publications, 2001). Habito served as President of the Society for Buddhist Christian Studies and was a Henry Luce III Fellow in Theology.

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