BSA minutes

September 13, 2011

Brite Student Association Minutes

Meeting: Called to order at 11:30am, adjourned at 12:00pm

In attendance: Sam Castleberry, Jonathan Brink, Douglass Anne Cartwright, Heather Santi, Sara Almanza, David Baggett, Cristal Fisher

Tshirts update– As opposed to ordering in Bulk BSA will initiate sales prior to the order. Money will be collected during community conversations and other set times. Receipts will be given and records will be kept.

Community Conversation: Heather Santi updates BSA about Community Conversation. Discussed the possibility of making Community Conversation more Green in the new building and using real plates, cups, silverware, etc. We will need to figure out what facilities will be available. Also talked about buying a beverages dispenser to allow more drinks while also being affordable. We will need to find a place to rinse out the beverage dispensers.

-also talked about placing a suggestion box in Weatherly Hall for people to specify where they want food in the future.

Suggestion box for where people want meals from.

-Discussed posting community conversation and agape meal announcements on bulletin boards, and possibly having a BSA bulletin board/easel.

Announce CC. And AM on boards. D.A. will create them check with Dr. Feille

Blog: The blog will become student led by including posts by students. We will also engaged faculty and staff who will want to post. We’ll have to establish a publishing guideline. Also discussed enacting the comments section. If the comments section is activated a BSA appointment will be made for an individual who will review comments prior to allowing them to be posted.

Community Service: BSA will help the Brite community participate in one community service project per semester. Suggestions were given to help with churches in regard to building/painting/yard service, etc. Suggestions were also given that we could partner with TCU’s community service day, though several students suggested that we keep it a Brite Affair.

Contact: Student Developmental Services

Community: Create a monthly event to enhance Brite community. Suggestions included having a monthly movie night in Weatherly Hall.

1. Think of blog suggestions

3. end of September party vote

4. Community Service Project


Jonathan Brink– locate 2-3 Tshirt companies and get prices, as well as determining T-Shirt order amounts that would result in discounts.

Douglass Anne- Check with Dr. Feille about what needs to be done to post Agape Meal and Community Conversation flyers on Bulletin boards, and the possibility of having a BSA bulletin board or easel.

Sam Castleberry- Visit with the Dean to discuss purchasing beverage dispensers. Also, contact TCU community services to inquire about community services projects.

Everyone: Think of Blog suggestions, and think of community service project options

***In regard to the end of September “community” event, BSA representatives will submit to the Moderator suggestions (via email) about possibilities. Please email Sam at s.castleberry any suggestions that you have for the end of September community event by Thursday, September 15. After suggestions are gathered we will vote online for an event. The event will occur during the last week of September.