• A convenient video resource for congregations, clergy and individuals providing an authoritative view or voice on different topics.
  • A flexible resource featuring Brite faculty that provide new ideas and information and creates “teachable moments.”
  • An easily accessible and useful tool for pastors as they lead congregations in study, thought and devotion, in approximately 10 minutes.
  • PLUS, each episode will include 1-minute4Worship and 1-minute “snapshot” of the topic for use in worship.


EPISODE 2, Asking Good Questions: A Basic Tool for Doing Theology
Featuring: Namsoon Kang, Professor, World Christianity & Religions


EPISODE 1, Pentecost, One
Featuring Dr. Warren Carter, Professor of New Testament



Ways to Use Brite4U

1. Use with your Worship Team as they prepare for the season of Pentecost
2. Personal reflection & preparation for pastor
3. Use with your Evangelism or Church Growth Team – consider, where the Spirit is moving among us & how do we share it?
4. Pastor’s Class
5. A Pentecost emphasis in worship, using such settings as:
Coffee groups, Home gatherings, Fellowship dinner
6. Though not intended as a study, there are 4 sections to Dr. Carter’s presentation. Consider a 4 week study, “stop/start” use of Brite4U. Example: “What do you say after you’ve sung Happy Birthday? What does the celebration of Pentecost signify?” Stop & discuss.
7. How can you use Brite4U?

Ways to Use 1-minute4Worship

1. As a prologue to worship.
2. As a “preview” in worship, promoting a study of Pentecost
3. Within a sermon or to highlight a sermon series
(there are 3 sections within this 1-minute).

Future Topics

Worship & Liturgical
Justice Issues