• A convenient video resource for congregations, clergy and individuals providing an authoritative view or voice on different topics.
  • A flexible resource featuring Brite faculty that provide new ideas and information and creates “teachable moments.”
  • An easily accessible and useful tool for pastors as they lead congregations in study, thought and devotion, in approximately 10 minutes.
  • Each episode will include 1-minute4Worship and 1-minute “snapshot” of the topic for use in worship.


Asking Good Questions: A Basic Tool for Doing Theology
Featuring: Namsoon Kang, Professor, World Christianity & Religions


Ways to Use Brite4U

  • Worship team preparation
  • Personal reflection and preaching preparation
  • Evangelism or church growth plans
  • Class preparation
  • Coffee groups, home gatherings, fellowship dinner

Ways to Use 1-minute4Worship

  • As a prologue to worship
  • As a “preview” in worship
  • Within a sermon or to highlight a sermon series