Brite Chapel — Holocaust Remembrance Service

April 12, 2010

Dear Friends,

Rabbi Irving Greenburg once shared these words:

“Judaism and Christianity do not merely tell
of God’s love for humanity.
They stand or fall on their fundamental claim
that the human being is of ultimate and absolute value.
The Holocaust poses the most radical counter-testimony
to both Judaism and Christianity.
No statement, theological or otherwise,
should be made that would not be credible
in the presence of burning children.”

What can we say to the reality of the Holocaust? What can we say to the horror of the attempted systematic extermination of an entire people? Such issues of theodicy challenge our very faith in God and our solidarity with one another. As Christians, we must confront the reality of human evil that is the Holocaust or else call into question a gospel of hope, love, and peace.

This Tuesday we will observe Yom HaShoah and remember the Holocaust. The Rev. Katie Alexander (’04), D.Min. candidate at Brite, will deliver the sermon “What You Do Matters” as we remember and respond as Christians to the Holocaust.

Come join with us as we say before God and the world “NEVER AGAIN.” Our proclamation of this gospel begins at 11:00 a.m. in Robert Carr Chapel — all are invited.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Rev. Michael N. Riggs
Acting Director of Chapel
Brite Divinity School
Fort Worth, Texas