Distinguished Minister Awards

Distinguished Minister Awards

The Distinguished Minister Award for Pastoral Ministry is presented to an alumnus/alumna of Brite, who has rendered outstanding and continuing service as a faithful minister, with long tenure in the local congregation.

The Distinguished Minister Award for General/Institutional Ministry is presented to an alumnus/alumna who has rendered outstanding and continuing service in seeking to employ and continue the concept of faithful, sustained and unacknowledged contributions to the ministry of Jesus Christ. The recipient is currently working or at one time worked in ministry beyond a local congregation.

The Distinguished Minister Award for Specialized Ministry is presented to a Brite alumnus/alumna who has rendered outstanding and continuing service in a focused ministry. Specialized ministry includes missionaries, chaplains, campus ministries or directing unique ministries.

The Distinguished Minister Award for Innovative Ministry is presented to a Brite alumnus/alumna whose ministries offer new and unique approaches and application in the sharing of God’s Word. This award will not be presented every year.

  • Please give years of service and venues of ministries as they relate to this award.
  • Please give specific examples of how the person you are nominating exemplifies this award. Refer to the description /criteria of the awards (“Award for” section).
  • Please include additional information which you want the Brite Alumnae/i Council Distinguished Minister Award Selection Committee to have as they review your nomination.

    Support for the annual Distinguished Minister Awards is made possible by an estate gift from the late Alberta Z. Brown.


    1995 Martin E. Pike, Jr.
    1996 Richard Crews
    1997 Ora M. Shelton
    1998 Hugh Baker
    1999 Gilbert Davis
    2000 Glenn Routt
    2001 Roy E. Tomlinson
    2002 Don E. McKenzie
    2003 J. Sydney Carnes
    2004 Oran and Charlotte Nabors
    2005 Charles H. Sanders
    2006 Clark Ford
    2007 Art Digby
    2008 Bob Coleman
    2009 John T. Muir, Jr.
    2010 David Mindel
    2011 Eldon Irving
    2012 Chris Diebel
    2013 Clyde Nichols
    2013 Curtis L. Keith
    2014 Eugene W. Brice
    2014 Anthony J. Vinson
    2015 David Worden
    2016 Michael Waco
    2017 Cyndy Walker Twedell
    2018 Phillip Jones
    2020 Rev. Dr. Neill Grimes

    1995 Ronald Somers-Clark
    1996 James Moudy
    1997 M. Jack Suggs
    1998 Allan and Jan Eubank
    1999 Janet Long
    2000 Catherine J. Watson
    2001 Ambrose Edens
    2002 Arthur A. Hanna
    2003 William R. Baird, Jr.
    2004 Sidney J. Spain
    2005 Feliberto F. Pereira
    2006 William E. Tucker
    2007 Gil Ferrell
    2008 Duane Bidwell
    2009 Donald B. Mills
    2010 Mike Young
    2011 Jim Oglesby
    2012 Kathryn Williams
    2014 Bryan G. Feille
    2017 Robert W. Hawley
    2018 Irie Sessions
    2019 Rev. Dr. Nancy Pittman
    2020 Rev. Dr. Jacob George

    1995 Kenneth Teegarden
    1996 Erline Walker
    1997 W. A. Welsh
    1998 Frank Mabee
    1999 Roy Martin
    2000 Lloyd Allen
    2001 Ralph and Mary Maxine Palmer
    2002 Jo Taylor
    2003 Jan and Lloyd Tatlock
    2004 Edward L. Dowell
    2005 Belva Brown Jordan
    2006 Sandy and Dan Owen
    2007 Mary Luo and David
    2008 Carl E. Zerweck III
    2009 Robin Hoover
    2010 John Butler
    2011 David Owen
    2012 Betty Youngman
    2013 Gail and Wayne Long
    2015 Mack McCarter
    2016 Dorothy and Lew Davis
    2017 Roger W. Wedell
    2018 Jacquetta Chambers
    2019 Rev. Kim Gage Ryan
    2020 Rev. Ronny Nowell

    2008 Holly McKissick
    2009 Irie L. Session
    2011 Jan and Ralph Stone
    2013 Ben Todd, Jr.
    2016 Andy Mangum
    2017 Rick Owen
    2018 Don Morrow
    2019 Rev. Dr. Laurie Feille

    2007 Edwin and Lou Michael
    2008 Roy and Edna Tomlinson
    2009 Ora M. Shelton
    2010 Bob and Joan Floyd, Sr.
    2011 Earl and Martha Bissex
    2012 Gilbert Davis
    2013 Paxton Jones
    2014 Arthur A. and Susan S. Hanna
    2015 Richard Ziglar & Peggy Ziglar
    2016 Jacqueline Mehaffy
    2017 Roy C. Snodgrass III
    2018 Robert and Gwen Bray
    2019 Mr. and Mrs. John Cartwright
    2021 Mr. Michael Harrison

    2007 First Christian Church of Lancaster, Lancaster, Texas
    2008 Bethany Christian Church, Houston, Texas
    2009 First Christian Church, Pasadena, Texas
    2010 Central Christian Church, Texarkana, Texas
    2011 First Christian Church, Odessa, Texas
    2012 First Christian Church, Huntsville, Texas
    2013 First Christian Church, Beaumont, Texas
    2014 Richland Hills Christian Church, Richland Hills, Texas
    2015 Memorial Christian Church, Midland, Texas
    2016 First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Granbury
    2017 First Christian Church of Midland, Texas
    2018 First Christian Church, Longview, Texas
    2019 First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Arlington, Texas
    2020 University Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Austin, Texas