Advising and Advance Registration

March 5, 2011
Dear Students,
Your opportunity to take advantage of academic advising from Brite faculty advisors is coming soon! Sign-up sheets for advising appointments will be posted on the advisors doors beginning Monday, March 7thYou must sign up for a specific day/time for your advising session by adding your name to the appointment schedule on your advisor’s office door (see note in red below on how to find your assigned advisor).
Sign-up for advising: Monday, March 7 – Friday, March 11
Spring Break: March 14-18
Advising sessions: March 21-25
Advance Registration for Summer and Fall 2011 classes opens Monday, March 28.
The Brite version of the Summer and Fall 2011 schedules will be emailed to you next week and you will be notified via email when they are posted on-line.
Class Search for fall 2011 classes will be available for viewing no later than March 18, 2011
You will be notified via email when the prospectuses for Summer and Fall 2011 have been posted on-line.
Please be aware of these important details and actions that you need to take:

  • You can find the name of your advisor for the upcoming March sessions by going to and selecting “Student Center. Several options become available and you will need to select the Student Center folder.  Once that page loads, you should be able to view your advisor’s name on the page. Please note: The system sometimes asks for verification on your address and phone information and you must respond to that prompt before you can proceed with anything else.
  • You should not assume you have the same advisor you had last term.  Although we try to make assignments based on permanent advisor requests and previous advisor history, due to faculty leaves and advising overloads, this is not always possible. Check your student page for your current assigned advisor.
  • Final responsibility for choice of academic program and for successful completion of all program requirements rests with the student and not the advisor.
  • Student Accounts – In order to advance register, three-fourths of your account must be current.  This includes Brite student housing rent, tuition, fees, and any miscellaneous charges that have been billed.  If your account is not current, or if you have any questions, please contact Ms. Wendy Crowley, Director of Student Accounts, in Sadler Hall, room 104 (or call 817/257-7836).  If your account is not current when Advance Registration begins March 22, 2010, will automatically block your advance registration.  You may find classes full if you register at a later time.
  • Students on probation (below 2.50 GPA) should not register for courses taught by adjunct professors or for Independent Study Courses.
  • Please carefully review the attached Academic Probation and Dismissal document.