Fall 2019 Registration and Orientation

Welcome to the orientation and registration webpage, a resource designed to help prepare you for a rich and rewarding two days* of face-to-face orientation. This page contains various documents and informational links along with the schedule for orientation for the Fall 2019 semester. The orientation session on August 22-23 is required for all entering MDiv, MTS, MATM, and CTS students. Special Students who anticipate applying for admission to a degree program are encouraged to participate as well.

*Advanced program students (ThM, PhD, and DMIN) will attend only on Thursday, August 22.

On Thursday, August 22, orientation will begin at 8:30 a.m. with coffee, juice, and pastries in the Bass Conference Center Section C (room 110) of the Harrison Building. We will then move to the adjacent side of Bass Conference Center for a series of greetings, teaching and learning sessions, and panel discussions designed to orient you to Brite’s faculty, programs, community life, and the many resources available through Brite and TCU to help you flourish in your studies.

Friday’s schedule includes a complimentary luncheon with faculty and staff in the Bass Conference Center and the opportunity to meet with your assigned academic advisor.

Other notable requirements include the session on “Thinking Theologically,” in preparation for which you should have purchased and read How to Think Theologically by Howard Stone and James Duke (Fortress Press; 3rd edition, 2013) and the seminar on “Healthy Relationships and Boundaries.”

Orientation inevitably involves an abundance of new information. We have included as much as possible on this webpage so that the time spent together in orientation can focus on building community and on beginning the rich inquiry into scholarship, justice, and practice that will inform your time at Brite.

We look forward to welcoming you and to offering support, now and throughout your tenure at Brite. Please know that if you have any questions or concerns, you may call on our office at any time.

All best wishes,

Dean Jeffrey Williams Dean Valerie Forstman Megan PeglarMel Martinez Ingrid Keller

Registration Information:

This short video will guide you through the steps for enrolling in courses at Brite.

The following courses meet core requirements for all incoming Masters students:

  • CHTH 60003 Intro to Christian Theology
  • CHET 60013 Intro to Theological Ethics
  • CHHI 60033 History of Christianity: Turning Points
  • NETE 60003 Intro to the New Testament
  • JWST 60013 Understanding Early Judaism

The following courses also meet core requirements for entering MDiv students:

  • PTPC 60003 Pastoral Care in a Complex World
  • HOML 65003 Foundations for Preaching
  • REED 65003 Religious Education in Ministry
  • PRTH 60033 The Church’s Mission and the Minister’s Vocation
  • SPIR 60003 Spiritual Life & Leadership

Courses that meet denominational requirements for United Methodist students:

  • CHHI 70134 History and Doctrine of the United Methodist Church
  • PRTH 60033 The Church’s Mission and the Minister’s Vocation

Courses that meet denominational requirements for Disciples of Christ students:

  • CHHI 70113 Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Courses that meet denominational requirements for Presbyterian students:

  • PRTH 70970 Special Topics: Practical Theology – Presbyterian Polity

For other elective courses that may be of interest, see the Masters Schedule of Classes:

Fall 2019 Calendar
Fall 2019 Masters Schedule of Classes
Fall 2019 Advanced Program Schedule of Classes
Fall 2019 Prospectuses

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