May 2015

Joseph McDonald, Searching for Sarah in the Second Temple era: Portraits in the Hebrew Bible and Second Temple narratives
Cody Sanders, Re-visioning the care of souls: The praxis of pastoral care in the context of LGBTQ suicide

August 2014

John Thexton, Neighbor love from a margin: A pastoral theological construction employing class analysis

May 2014

Heidi Baxter, Psalm 136: A national story for Israel
Mike Fox, Don’t shoot the messenger: Reading Malachi in light of ancient Persian royal messengers in the time of Xerxes

December 2013

Kathleen Mills, “The kinship of Jesus: Christology and discipleship in the Gospel of Mark”

May 2013

Jason Hays, “Ambiguous embodiment: Constructing poststructuralist pastoral theologies of gender and sexual fluidity”
Ronald Roberts, “Conflicts of Mageia and miracle in the Acts of the Apostles: Social discourse on legitimate and deviant use of spiritual power”
William Roozeboom, “Rethinking theological anthropology: Constructing a pastoral theology of wellness in light of the paradigm of plasticity in neuroscience”
Genny Rowley, “Practicing hope: Congregational environmentalism as intersystemic care”
Deanna Langle, “Unsuffering ourselves: Co-constructing women’s agency from the perspective of a feminist Lutheran pastoral theology of the cross”

December 2012

Nevada DeLapp, “Wielding Goliath’s sword: 16th and 17th century reformed political readings of the David story”
Carol Bakker Wilson, “For I was hungry and you gave me food: Pragmatics of food access in the gospel of Matthew”

August 2012

Mary Jo Kaska, “Human and divine agency in selected reception history examples of the baby Moses story”

May 2012

Nathan Barnes, “Reading 1 Corinthians with philosophically educated women”

December 2011

Wade Berry, “The spirit and social and moral identity in Paul’s letter to the Galatians”

August 2011

Sung J Kim, “Becoming colorfully human: A pastoral theology of the immigrant and the community”

May 2011

Abera Mengestu, “God as Father in Paul: A study of kinship language and identity formation in early Christianity”
Jason Lamoreaux, “Women and ritual in Philippi: Women’s reception of Paul’s Letter to the Philippians”
Naw San Dee KD, “(Be)Longing and/or Nation: A postcolonial-diasporic reading of the narrative in John 4:1-42”
Alphonetta Wines, “Thinking the unthinkable: God as enemy-an image of God in the Book Of Job and other books of the Hebrew”

December 2010

Teresa Ellis, “Constructions of gender in the book of Ben Sira: Puns, erotic poetry, and the Garden of Eden”
Katherine Low, “Domestic disputations at the Dung Heap: A reception history of Job and his wife in Christianity of the West”
Ryan Fraser, “The spiritual narrative of adoptive parents: Constructions of Christian faith stories and pastoral theological implications”

May 2010

Coleman Baker, “Identity, Memory, and Prototypicality in Early Christianity: Peter, Paul, and Recategorization in the Acts of the Apostles”
Samuel Park, “Pastoral Identity as Social Construction: An Exploration of Pastoral Identity in Postmodern, Intercultural, and Multifaith Contexts”
Joseph Weaks, “Mark Without Mark: Problematizing the Reliability of a Reconstructed Text of Q”

May 2009

Teresa Bednarz, “Humor-Neutics: Analyzing humor and humor functions in the Synoptic Gospels”
Jason Meritt, “Devils and Deviants: Religious chism in 1 and 2 John”
Yancy Smith, “Hippolytus commentary on the Song of Songs in social and critical context”