Brite Divinity School educates and inspires people to serve God’s diverse world as leaders in churches, the academy, and public life.



  • Provide excellent graduate theological degree programs and offerings in lay and continuing education
  • Recruit a growing, talented, and vital student body by welcoming students of varied theological perspectives encouraging a learning community that provides careful grounding in spiritual and vocational formation, assures exceptional intellectual preparation, develops skills in pastoral care, nurtures the gifts required to meet the challenges of congregational leadership and help churches grow spiritually and numerically, equips leaders for non-congregational settings of ministry, and fosters a global vision for religious leadership providing scholarships that make theological education affordable implementing lay and continuing education programs that increase readiness for ministry with particular attention to underserved populations promoting proactive student recruitment
  • Retain and recruit a faculty and staff committed to sustaining excellence by fostering a collegial community that supports the flourishing of superior scholarship and teaching, individual initiative, teamwork, and innovation providing institutional support that encourages professional growth and development
  • Support the professional formation of spiritually-centered, imaginative, and critically-reflective religious leaders through a curriculum that is grounded in scripture, practices and traditions classroom environments that encourage creativity and critical dialogue curricular and co-curricular experiences that promote the integration of theory and practice
  • Equip leaders to serve in an increasingly diverse church and society by maintaining and promoting an intentionally inclusive community of diverse students, faculty, and staff a curriculum that addresses religious plurality and inequity in areas such as gender, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, citizenship status, and differing abilities church studies programs that explore vital issues of racially and culturally underrepresented faith communities a Catholic Lecture series * study of Judaism, Islam, and other religious traditions
  • Encourage the experience of community formed by God’s reconciling and transforming love and justice among students, staff, and faculty by upholding A Covenant for Community Life at Brite Divinity School strengthening the worship life of the community sponsoring other opportunities that contribute to shared life
  • Engage alumni/ae in mutually supportive relationships, including special events, newsletters, web, and the Alumni/ae Council
  • Maintain and develop a Board of Trustees that is informed, committed, and diverse
  • Strengthen our historic and collaborative relationship with Texas Christian University
  • Uphold our historic and cooperative relationship to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
  • Sustain and develop commitments to other denominations that enrich the ecumenical learning community at Brite
  • Ensure exceptional educational resources by continuing to strengthen Brite’s sound financial position maintaining and expanding excellent facilities assuring excellent library collection development for all programs providing state-of-the-art strategically-positioned informational technology resources sustaining collaborative relationships with congregations
  • Contribute to public discourse by sponsoring and participating in local, national, and international discussion of contemporary academic, church and public issues