A request from a student at leibrock

October 14, 2009

Its Nicole again and once again requesting friendly help from my neighbors. I am looking for some friendly folks who might be able to give me a lift every now and then to the grocery store and such. It seems they frown on blind people with guide dogs driving cars 😉 and though Albertsons is close, I can’t carry a whole lot back at once when one hand is occupied by Pumpkin. Not to mention, 4 or 5 trips to the grocery store per week is proving to be really time consuming. I’d be happy to share gas money or even pay you a little something. I don’lt need much and I’m not at all picky about where I shop, so if you’re headed to the grocery store or Target or things of that nature, I’d love to tag along. As a heads up, Pumpkin (the dog) does have to come with me wherever I go, so she’d be in the car too, but she sits quitely on the floor (NOT on the seat) and travels very compactly.

please contact n.grieser if you can help