Scholar Strike

September 7, 2020

Brite’s Statement on Scholar Strike

Word has come to us regarding a strike action that will be pursued Tuesday and Wednesday (September 8-9) by faculty in academic institutions across the nation to make explicit their solidarity with those who are in the forefront of protest against the deadly violence being regularly inflicted on Black people and other people of color by police officers in various parts of the country . We write to declare our solidarity with this move, and are heartened that this action will include teach-ins by which we all can become more enlightened on what’s occurring and how we might meaningfully contribute to the dynamic changes taking place in our country. This being so, we support the use of recorded presentations by scholar colleagues within and outside of Brite and also look forward to ways our faculty might allow the days’ emphasis to influence class content and procedures. We are grateful for the leadership being exercised by Professor Wil Gafney in the coordination of Brite’s participation and will cooperate with her and others to make September 8-9 productive and transforming for all categories of Brite stakeholders. We respect the stance of Brite faculty who might choose not to participate in this venture, with the confidence that they too pray for the time when justice will roll on like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream.

In solidarity,

Newell Williams, President

Michael Miller, Dean


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