Easter Prayer

April 17, 2022

Easter prayer by Master of Divinity student Addison Gardner

Most Holy Creator,

On this Easter Day, we celebrate resurrection. We are in awe of this Easter story, as we have witnessed far too many lives end in death without revival. Precious Giver, our world is riddled with death and hatred, and I fear we no longer maintain the imagination required to envision holy resurrection. For, this holy imagination is a privilege that faintly appears and is hard to grasp. And yet, regardless of the ambiguous nature of Your energizing envisioning, we somehow allow ourselves to celebrate in Your mystical hope on this Easter Sunday. For just a moment, we release ourselves and break from the binds of despair as we acknowledge a time when death did not receive the final word. Holy One, we ask that your strength and resurrective presence continues throughout the days following Easter, so that we might continue to witness life giving moments. May we seek to create such moments of life in our worlds as well as our neighbor’s, and may we boldly celebrate the divine life in all creation.