2 calls for papers

September 10, 2011

1. CESNUR: The 2012 International Conference Religion in a Globalized
Context: the Mediterranean and the World
Chouaîb Doukkali University, El
Jadida, Morocco September 20-22, 2012
CALL FOR PAPERS The planning committee for the 2012 meeting of the
Center for Studies on New Religions welcomes proposals for papers and
panels for its meeting at Chouaîb Doukkali University, El Jadida,
Morocco, to be held September 20-22, 2012.
This meeting will occur in the aftermath of profound changes in Northern

Africa and the Middle East, affecting also religion.
El Jadida is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its fortified town,

as well as a city surrounded by popular beach resorts. El Jadida is at
approximately one hour from Casablanca by car, bus, or train.
As always, attendees will be exploring a spectrum of related topics that

include but are not limited to: – Religion in the Mediterranean Area and

the Middle East after the "Arab Spring" – Religious Pluralism in Africa,

the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas – Religious
Freedom – Western Esotericism – Globalized Islam in Africa and the West
– Emergence of New Spiritual Movements – New New Religions (formed since

1995) – Christianity in Africa and the Middle East – Globalized Sufism –

NRMs: Old and New A post-conference tour in the archeological and
historical area near El Jadida will be organized.
Proposals for papers and sessions should be sent to CESNUR at
cesnur_to on or before April 30, 2012.
Papers will be accepted in English or French. Unfortunately, no
scholarships will be available to cover your travel and accommodation
expenses. _______________________________________________

2. Call for Papers: Religion in an Age of Austerity
BSA Sociology of Religion conference stream, Annual Conference of the
British Sociological AssociationUniversity of Leeds, 11–13 April 2012
The apparent re-emergence of religion as a social force has been
highlighted by the economic downturn of recent years: religious
communities are increasingly perceived as filling in the gaps left by
the ailing welfare state. Some argue that individuals turn to
religion—or away from it—prompted by economic hardship, and the
meeting of religion and global capitalism has emerged as a source of
both conflict and peace building. These developments, among others,
touch upon many core issues in the sociology of religion. This call is
for papers which advance ongoing sociological research and reflection on
themes including, but not limited to, the following:
* Religion and (Political) Economy
* Religion and Welfare
* Faith-Based Organisations
* Religion and State in the 21st Century
* Social Theory and Religion
* Religion and inequalities (gender, ethnicity, class)
* Secularism and secularisation
* Global re-emergence of religion
* Religion and media
* Religion and youth
Abstract submission to be completed at:
Deadline for abstract submission: 7 October 2011.
E-mail: bsaconference for conference enquiries;
t.hjelm or mat for stream enquiries. Do
NOT send abstracts to these addresses.