Ministers Week 2015

Stalcup icons_EventPlease mark your calendars for Ministers Week 2015, February 9-12, 2015.

Ministers Week, February 9-12, 2015, marks the 100th anniversary of Brite Divinity School’s dedication.  In the 1915 address, Rev. Carey Morgan said “The preacher must know the age in which he lives, because while the gospel is always the same, the church is a part of the age and is profoundly influenced by it.”  As we rededicate the school we are picking up on this theme and focusing on the world as it appears to be emerging and how best to minister to that world.  Join us to hear scholars and practitioners reflect on church and the gospel in this day and age.

Our plenary speakers will be: Cynthia Hale, Wells Preacher; Phil Snider and Elizabeth Drescher, Scott Lecturers; Craig Van Gelder, Davis Workshop in Ministry; and John Shelby Spong, McFadin Lecturer.  The organ concert and hymn sing features Thomas Helms.  Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon will consist of short talks offered by people engaged in new or revitalizing ministries.  More information will be available on that later – keep checking the website or at #minwk2015.  Registration opens in November.