Changing Landscape of Theological Education

366News that the Alban Institute will be closing at the end of this month is yet another reminder of the changing landscape of church and theological education in the United States.  For years, this institute was a trusted resource for analysis of contemporary contexts and counsel on how congregations could most effectively minister in the United States.  In this changing American religious landscape, theological schools are challenged to play an increasing role in helping congregational leaders to make sense of the times and to identify and embrace those practices that make for congregational vitality and faithfulness to God’s mission.  Brite Divinity School is seeking to meet this challenge through new initiatives with congregational leaders, such as the Clergy Circles that have been established in several communities and programs such as Monday’s Day at Brite which focused on preaching Matthew’s Gospel.   You can expect other such initiatives in the months ahead.

D. Newell Williams
President of Brite Divinity School