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David_WordenRev. David Worden was born in Nebraska, moving to Oregon at the age of four. He attended Northwest Christian College and the University of Oregon in Eugene, graduating in 1958 with a Bachelor of Theology Degree. He moved to Texas in 1961, attending Brite Seminary, graduating in 1964 with a M.Div. From 1961 to 1969 he served as minister of the First Christian Church of Allen, Texas, first as student minister and then, in 1964, becoming the first full-time minister of that congregation.

In 1968, he received the Outstanding Achievement Award in Town and Country Ministry sponsored by the Texas Association of Christian Churches. While in Allen he served as President of District 17 (now a part of the NTACC). He helped organize the Allen Lions Club and the Allen Senior Citizens group which still meets as a part of the City of Allen Seniors program. From 1969 to 1989 he served as Minister of the Monica Park Christian Church in Garland, Texas. While he was there, the outreach giving of the congregation increased from 5% to 18% of the total budget. In Garland, he served on the Garland Independent School District Lay Advisory Board, as well as the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board. He served on the organizing committee for the Garland Salvation Army and then as its President. In 1982, he served as Moderator of the DACC Board, now the NTACC. In 1989-1991 he was President of the Brite Divinity School Alumni. From 1989-1999 he served as minister of the First Christian Church of Lancaster, Texas. In 1992-1994 he served on the Lancaster School District Strategic Planning Committee. He served on, and then as President of ,the Lancaster 4-B Board which purchased land for and built the new City Library and Recreation Center. In 1998, he was named by the Lancaster Today Newspaper as one of the ”thirteen most influential people in Lancaster.” After retiring in 1999, he served several churches as Interim Pastor. From 2006-2011 he served on the Juliette Fowler Apartment Board and as its President from 2008-2009.

David and his wife Nancy have seven children, 14 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. They love to travel and have visited 62 countries. David currently serves as Chairman of the Elders at the First Christian Church Garland, and Chaplain of Lancaster Masonic Lodge #160.


Mack, smiling, by Neil Johnson, 8-9-05 - croppedRev. Mack McCarter is founder and coordinator of Community Renewal International. A native of Shreveport, La., Mack holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in religion from Texas Christian University and a Master of Divinity Degree from Brite Divinity School. He served as a pastor for 18 years in Texas before returning to Shreveport in 1991 to begin implementing his vision for community renewal. CRI was formally organized in 1994 and under Mack’s leadership has grown into an organization which has received national and international recognition for its life-changing impact. On October 30, 2014, Community Renewal International celebrated their 20 year anniversary. Former President Jimmy Carter visited Shreveport that same day in honor of the momentous event.

Mack divides his time between Shreveport, La. and Washington, D.C., where he is working diligently with former Navy Secretary John Dalton on creating Community Renewal Capital Area.

In 1967, Mack married his wife Judy, whom he met while attending TCU. Mack and Judy have two children, David and Nancy, and have four grandchildren. David and his wife, Kelli, live in Shreveport, La with their three children, Kate, Collin, and Emma Clair; daughter Nancy lives in Costa Rica with her daughter Jacqueline.


ZiglarsRev. Richard Ziglar & Mrs. Peggy Ziglar, natives of North Carolina, met at Atlantic Christian College (*now Barton) in Wilson, NC.  Both were greatly influence by the camp and conference summer programs and each made a commitment to fulltime Christian Service during their senior CYF years. Independently they chose to attend Brite Divinity School, being influences by ACC graduates and faculty at ACC and TCU. Two days prior to graduation from Brite, they were united in marriage in Robert Carr Chapel on May 28, 1958.

Their first ministry was at historic Seventh Street Christian Church, Richmond, VA for first years and their second at First Christian Church, Wilson, for 5 years. They returned to Texas in 1967 to service First Christian in Tyler for 7 years before Richard joined the Texas-Southwest Regional staff as one of 3 who formed the Leader Development Team. In 1975 the Ziglars moved to serve First Christian Church in Tulsa, serving the congregation almost 20 years as Minister of Christian Education. Peggy served on the Administrative staff of Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa until her retirement in 1998. In 1995 Richard established a faith based agency in Tulsa called Northeast Active Times (NEATs) to provide programs and services for the “chronologically gifted” (55+) with a focus on centenarians. NEATs, having a membership of 376 in 2014, celebrates its 20th years April 15 and Richard continues to serve as executive director.

Last Memorial weekend Richard and Peggy moved onto the campus of the Oklahoma Methodist Manor into their “villa by the pond” where they plan to celebrate their 100th birthdays in 20 years. Their family includes their daughter, Julia, and her two children, Chad and Savannah, who live in Tulsa, and their son, Vance (a TCU alumnus) and his partner, Michael Patterson, who live northwest of Baltimore, MD. Richard and Peggy continue to live a very active life, participating in many community events around Tulsa, servicing on the Christmount Board in Black Mountain, NC, servi8ng as an ambassador of National City Christian Church where they hold associate member, serving on the Brite Alumnae/I council, and traveling the United States and abroad. Their favorite hobby is to cruise, having made 37 to many parts of the USA and the world.


photoMemorial Christian Church (Midland, Texas)
In the early 1950s, the city of Midland was growing rapidly, and the congregation of First Christian Church felt the need to establish a second congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for those people who lived in what was then the “outskirts” of Midland. In January 1954, a new congregation met for the first time at the Girl Scout Little House and selected Memorial Christian Church as the official name, saying it would memorialize Jesus Christ only.

Over 60 years and two buildings later, Memorial Christian Church is still located on the corner of Andrews Highway and Cuthbert Street and now finds itself in the heart of the city of Midland. In an effort to assist newly formed Midland congregations, Memorial has opened its doors to two other churches—Church on the Journey (Disciples of Christ) and All Saints Anglican Church. Each Sunday, all three congregations worship at separate services in Memorial’s facility. They also join one another for special events and projects.

Memorial Christian Church has been blessed throughout the years with committed pastors, including Rev. Harold Glen Brown and wife Alberta, Rev. Clyde C. Foltz and wife Mary Gene, Rev. Robert E. Gartman and wife Patty, Rev. Dr. John W. Long and wife Donna, Rev. Clark Ford and wife Mattie Belle, Rev. Dr. Jim Rudd and wife Janet, Rev. Dr. Don Childers and wife Janice, and currently Rev. Terry Rothermich.

A major outreach ministry for Memorial is its Food Pantry, which began operating in 1986. Today, the pantry is in a newly renovated space, and serves approximately 300 Permian Basin families each month. Partner Disciples of Christ churches in Midland—First Christian Church and Church on the Journey—support this ministry through monetary donations and volunteer hours.
Through the abundant blessings of God and the commitment of those called into God’s service, members of Memorial continue to worship and minister to one another and to the Midland community.



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1995 Martin E. Pike, Jr. ’43, ’49, ‘79
1996 Richard Crews ’39, ’42, ‘60
1997 Ora M. Shelton ’41, ‘48
1998 Hugh Baker ’42, ‘50
1999 Gilbert Davis ’49, ‘50
2000 Glenn Routt
2001 Roy E. Tomlinson ’46, ‘49
2002 Don E. McKenzie ’57, ‘78
2003 J. Sydney Carnes ’62, ‘79
2004 Oran and Charlotte Nabors ’87; ‘91
2005 Charles H. Sanders ’63, ‘64
2006 Clark Ford ‘59
2007 Art Digby ‘78
2008 Bob Coleman ’58, ’61, ‘84
2009 John T. Muir, Jr. ’58, ’62, ‘69
2010 David Mindel ’66, ’70, ‘78
2011 Eldon Irving ‘81
2012 Chris Diebel ’53, ‘73
2013 Rev. Clyde Nichols
2013 Rev. Dr. Curtis L. Keith
2014 Rev. Dr. Eugene W. Brice
2014 Rev. Anthony J. Vinson

1995 Ronald Somers-Clark ’65, ’68, ‘76
1996 James Moudy ’43, ’49, ‘79
1997 M. Jack Suggs ‘59
1998 Allan and Jan Eubank
1999 Janet Long ‘99
2000 Catherine J. Watson ‘49
2001 Ambrose Edens ’42, ‘49
2002 Arthur A. Hanna ’63, ‘68
2003 William R. Baird, Jr.
2004 Sidney J. Spain ‘52
2005 Feliberto F. Pereira
2006 William E. Tucker ‘56
2007 Gil Ferrell
2008 Duane Bidwell ’88, ’97, ‘03
2009 Donald B. Mills ‘72
2010 Mike Young ’72, ‘72
2011 Jim Oglesby ‘73
2012 Kathryn Williams ’48, ‘78
2014 Rev. Dr. Bryan G. Feille

1995 Kenneth Teegarden ’49, ‘76
1996 Erline Walker ’35, ‘37
1997 W. A. Welsh ’38, ’41, ‘54
1998 Frank Mabee ‘59
1999 Roy Martin ’58, ‘73
2000 Lloyd Allen ’44, ‘49
2001 Ralph and Mary Maxine Palmer ’48, ’50; ’47, ‘52
2002 Jo Taylor
2003 Jan and Lloyd Tatlock
2004 Edward L. Dowell ’63, ‘70
2005 Belva Brown Jordan ’76, ‘86
2006 Sandy and Dan Owen ’59; ’60, ‘63
2007 Mary Luo and David ’54
2008 Carl E. Zerweck III ’77, ‘85
2009 Robin Hoover ’74, ‘79
2010 John Butler ‘67
2011 David Owen ’83, ‘86
2012 Betty Youngman ‘84
2013 Revs. Gail and Wayne Long

2008 Holly McKissick ’84, ‘87
2009 Irie L. Session ‘06
2011 Jan and Ralph Stone ’50, ’53; ’50, ’54, ‘75
2013 Rev. Ben Todd, Jr.

2007 Edwin and Lou Michael
2008 Roy and Edna Tomlinson
2009 Ora M. Shelton
2010 Bob and Joan Floyd, Sr.
2011 Rev. Dr. Earl and Mrs. Martha Bissex
2012 Gilbert Davis
2013 Rev. Dr. Paxton Jones
2014 Rev. Arthur A. and Susan S. Hanna

2007 First Christian Church of Lancaster
2008 Bethany Christian Church, Houston, TX
2009 First Christian Church, Pasadena, TX
2010 Central Christian church, Texarkana, TX
2011 First Christian Church, Odessa, TX
2012 First Christian Church, Huntsville, TX
2013 First Christian Church, Beaumont, Texas
2014 Richland Hills Christian Church