Annual Awards

2014 Distinguished Minister Award for Pastoral Ministry
Rev. Dr. Eugene W. Brice

BriceEugene W. Brice was born on a farm near Sulpher Springs in 1931. He graduated from Sulpher Springs High School and came to TCU as a ministerial student in 1948. He graduated from TCU with a BA in 1951 and from Brite Divinity School with an M.Div (B.D.) in 1954. His first pastorate was in Alpine, Texas from 1955-58, where he was acquainted with and did occasional pastoral work for Mrs. Luke Brite in the neighboring town of Marfa. Mrs. Brite shared many memories of pairing with her husband in helping found Brite College of the Bible in 1914. Under the influence of Professor William Reed, he proceeded to graduate study at Yale University where he received the MA and Ph.D. degrees. After accepting the challenge of teaching Biblical Languages and Literature in Spanish at the Protestant Seminary in San Juan, Puerto Rico (Seminario Evangelico) from 1960-1963, he returned to the pastorate serving Handley Meadowbrook Christian Church of Fort Worth for five years. Other pastorates followed in Dallas, Wichita Falls, Tulsa and Kansas City, Missouri, before he was called to University Christian Church of Fort Worth in 1990, retiring in 1996.

He was a frequent lecturer and preacher at the Regional and General Assemblies of the Christian Church, having given lectureships at thirty of the denomination’s thirty-five regions, as well as at Bethany College, Barton College, Phillips University and Lexington Seminary. In 1985 he was the Wells preacher for TCU’s annual Ministers Week. He authored three books on preaching and contributed articles to many journals and magazines. He serves as a president of Christian Church of the Southwest and the Christian Church of Kansas City region and on the General Board of the denomination.

Dr. Brice serves forty years as a member of the Board of Trustees of Brite Divinity School and still serves as an active emeritus member of the Board of Trustees of TCU. He was a former Rotarian and is a member of Colonial Country Club.

In 1955, while doing Youth Roundup work for the Christian Church of the Southwest he met and married Elizabeth Waggoner of Gladewater, an SMU graduate and elementary school teacher. Her public school teaching skills put him through graduate school at Yale University. Dr. and Mrs. Brice are parents of four children and grandparents of ten. Mark Brice lives in Austin, Deborah Taylor in Edmond, Oklahoma and Stephen Brice in Fort Worth. Son David Brice is pastor of Kings Highway Christian Church in Shreveport, Louisiana.

2014 Distinguished Minister Award for Pastoral Ministry
Rev. Anthony J. Vinson

TonyVinsonAnthony “Tony” J. Vinson began to sense God’s call into the ministry as a high school student while attending his local church in Irving Texas. Almost as soon as he was able, he began working with youth at churches in Daingerfield, Irving, Duncanville and Burleson. He received degrees at both Texas Wesleyan University (B.S. 1976) and Brite Divinity School (M.Div. 1983). He has remained a Pastor in a local church ever since.

Currently, he is serving as Senior Pastor to Clear Lake United Methodist Church, a 3,300 member Church whose mission field embodies a rich diversity ranging from NASA Rocket Scientists and Astronauts to the most underserved of the Clear Lake community. Clear Lake holds six worship services every Sunday of which he preaches usually three. He considers himself very blessed to have four Associates with whom he gladly shares his ministry. He enjoys the challenge of serving this complex and diverse large member church while maintaining a healthy balance with a large and active family. He and his wife of 26 years, Michelle, have four children, Amber, Alyssa, Tony II, and Allen. They are the proud grandparents four grandchildren with another grandchild on the way!

Prior to His current appointment he served First United Methodist Church, Humble for nine years, as well as Churches in Giddings, Nacogdoches, Conroe and Murchison Texas.

Beyond his local Church ministries, Tony has been a member of the Local Chamber of Commerce, is a Paul Harris Fellow for Rotary International, and serves as a member of the Board of Trustees at Texas Wesleyan University.

In 1979, while still a student at Brite Divinity School and while working as Campus Minister at Henderson County Junior College he and a few friends, Craig Russell and Jeanie Whitehurst, help organize the first ever U.M. Army which has since grown to one of the largest youth mission organizations in the nation.

He is a self proclaimed full time follower of Christ, and in his spare time he enjoys travel, playing the guitar and singing in an all Clergy Rock and Roll band.

2014 Distinguished Minister Award for General/Institutional Ministry
Rev. Dr. Bryan G. Feille

BryanFeilleBryan Feille was reared in San Antonio and earned graduate degrees in divinity and ministry from Brite, and received his undergraduate degree from Texas Christian University. He served in several ministerial positions from 1971 to 1991, including urban, ecumenical, judicatory, counseling, youth, children and pastoral. For 13 years he taught as an adjunct in the TCU Religion Department and was a Theological Reflection Group leader at Brite from 1982 to 1994. After 11 years as senior minister of South Hills Christian Church of Fort Worth, Bryan joined the Brite Divinity School faculty in 1991. At Brite he served as Harold Glen Brown Minister-in-Residence, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program, Brite Chapel Coordinator, and Director of Disciples Church Studies.

Bryan was the Disciples preacher for the Bloys Camp Meeting for 20 years. He taught courses to military chaplains in Venezuela for 7 years. While at Brite he participated in over 50 ordinations and was a reader on nearly 50 Doctor of Ministry projects.

Bryan and his wife Laurie live in Minneapolis where Laurie is pastor of First Christian Church. They share a home with their 3 greyhounds.

Children and grandchildren live in Fort Worth: son Scott, wife Kelly and children Lark and Townes; daughter Julie, husband Alfonso Miranda and son Santiago.


The Kenneth L. Teegarden Award
Rev. Arthur A. and Susan S. Hanna

Art and Sue HannaArthur A Hanna grew up in Abilene, Texas.  He was an active member of First Christian Church, along with his parents.

After graduating from Abilene High School, he attended TCU, where he received a B.A. and went on to Brite Divinity School where he received a B.D.  He was ordained in 1968 in Abilene. After working in five national parks with A Christian Ministry in the National Parks, he served the congregation of First Christian Church in Alpine, Texas.  He was there for four years, and then was called to the Pension Fund of the Christian Church, in Indianapolis, as General Representative in 1973.  During his 30 years at the Pension Fund, he held several offices and retired as President at the end of 2003.  A year and a half later, in 2005, Art received a heart transplant.

In Indianapolis, he met and married Susan Strayer.  She is from Lafayette, IN and a graduate of DePauw University.  They are parents of two children: James and Lindsay who both live in Indianapolis.

For over 30 years they were active members at University Park Christian Church until it closed its ministry in 2006.  They are now members at Allisonville Christian Church.


2014 The Being Brite Award
Richland Hills Christian Church

RHCCRichland Hills Christian Church was organized in July, 1953 under the sponsorship of the Tarrant County Board of Christian Churches. The young church met in local elementary schools until the original church building was completed in November of 1955. By that time both the Christian Women’s Fellowship and the Christian Men’s Fellowship had been organized – two organizations that continue to be active in fellowship, service and ministry to this day. In addition, the first adult Sunday School class was the Pioneers, which is still in existence today. Children and youth have always been a priority so by 1955 Sunday School, CYF, Nursery, and Vacation Bible School had been organized. The church choir had also been organized by then and the first organ had purchased and installed.

In June 1955 the sanctuary was located where the present Fellowship Hall is today. At that time the congregation called Rev. Hugh Baker as senior minister. A new parsonage, which is still being used by church staff, was completed in May, 1955 for the Bakers to move into. Rev. Hugh Baker faithfully served the church for 34 years. There were three major building phases over the years, culminating in a church facility of 20,782 square feet plus a three bedroom parsonage.

The church has always been cognizant of the needs of others and has actively participated in community service such as NEED, Meals on Wheels, Thanksgiving Baskets, Open Arms, etc. The church has also been used by oustide groups such as Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Campfire Girls, Community Orchestra and as a meeting place for other denominations. During the life of the congregation three refugee families have been sponsored from the Philippines, Cuba and Bosnia, respectively. Additionally, in early 2013 a community garden was installed with raised beds for use by church members, families in the community or non-profit groups. We anticipate increased use of the community garden in the months and years ahead.

A priority of the congregation has been to support the Disciples of Christ with its financial stewardship and by participating in the Trinity Brazos Area, the Southwest Region and the Disciples Mission Fund. Ties to TCU and Brite have always been strong and it has been a pleasure to work with students of the university and seminary as Associate Ministers, interns, youth and children’s workers.

Presently the congregation is in the pastoral search process and our hopes and prayers are that we can call someone who can effectively lead us in a future direction which will continue to build on a past that has been enriched by our relationship with our denomination, Texas Christian University and Brite Divinity School.


1995 Martin E. Pike, Jr. ’43, ’49, ‘79
1996 Richard Crews ’39, ’42, ‘60
1997 Ora M. Shelton ’41, ‘48
1998 Hugh Baker ’42, ‘50
1999 Gilbert Davis ’49, ‘50
2000 Glenn Routt
2001 Roy E. Tomlinson ’46, ‘49
2002 Don E. McKenzie ’57, ‘78
2003 J. Sydney Carnes ’62, ‘79
2004 Oran and Charlotte Nabors ’87; ‘91
2005 Charles H. Sanders ’63, ‘64
2006 Clark Ford ‘59
2007 Art Digby ‘78
2008 Bob Coleman ’58, ’61, ‘84
2009 John T. Muir, Jr. ’58, ’62, ‘69
2010 David Mindel ’66, ’70, ‘78
2011 Eldon Irving ‘81
2012 Chris Diebel ’53, ‘73
2013 Rev. Clyde Nichols
2013 Rev. Dr. Curtis L. Keith

1995 Ronald Somers-Clark ’65, ’68, ‘76
1996 James Moudy ’43, ’49, ‘79
1997 M. Jack Suggs ‘59
1998 Allan and Jan Eubank
1999 Janet Long ‘99
2000 Catherine J. Watson ‘49
2001 Ambrose Edens ’42, ‘49
2002 Arthur A. Hanna ’63, ‘68
2003 William R. Baird, Jr.
2004 Sidney J. Spain ‘52
2005 Feliberto F. Pereira
2006 William E. Tucker ‘56
2007 Gil Ferrell
2008 Duane Bidwell ’88, ’97, ‘03
2009 Donald B. Mills ‘72
2010 Mike Young ’72, ‘72
2011 Jim Oglesby ‘73
2012 Kathryn Williams ’48, ‘78

1995 Kenneth Teegarden ’49, ‘76
1996 Erline Walker ’35, ‘37
1997 W. A. Welsh ’38, ’41, ‘54
1998 Frank Mabee ‘59
1999 Roy Martin ’58, ‘73
2000 Lloyd Allen ’44, ‘49
2001 Ralph and Mary Maxine Palmer ’48, ’50; ’47, ‘52
2002 Jo Taylor
2003 Jan and Lloyd Tatlock
2004 Edward L. Dowell ’63, ‘70
2005 Belva Brown Jordan ’76, ‘86
2006 Sandy and Dan Owen ’59; ’60, ‘63
2007 Mary Luo and David ’54
2008 Carl E. Zerweck III ’77, ‘85
2009 Robin Hoover ’74, ‘79
2010 John Butler ‘67
2011 David Owen ’83, ‘86
2012 Betty Youngman ‘84
2013 Revs. Gail and Wayne Long

2008 Holly McKissick ’84, ‘87
2009 Irie L. Session ‘06
2011 Jan and Ralph Stone ’50, ’53; ’50, ’54, ‘75
2013 Rev. Ben Todd, Jr.

2007 Edwin and Lou Michael
2008 Roy and Edna Tomlinson
2009 Ora M. Shelton
2010 Bob and Joan Floyd, Sr.
2011 Rev. Dr. Earl and Mrs. Martha Bissex
2012 Gilbert Davis
2013 Rev. Dr. Paxton Jones

2007 First Christian Church of Lancaster
2008 Bethany Christian Church, Houston, TX
2009 First Christian Church, Pasadena, TX
2010 Central Christian church, Texarkana, TX
2011 First Christian Church, Odessa, TX
2012 First Christian Church, Huntsville, TX
2013 First Christian Church, Beaumont, Texas