For Congregations and Ministers


  • Soul Repair Meetings  – A Program Toward Recovery from Moral Injury. The meetings are designed for veterans, families, and friends and intended especially for the large group of veterans who identify either as not religious or spiritual but not religious. The first pilot group began in March 2014 on the TCU campus.
  • Soul Repair Mentors – The Center has developed a national network of clergy and lay-person who have been to one of our training events to mentor individuals suffering from moral injury. Every week, the Center receives calls or emails from veterans, their families, and their friends, requesting someone to talk to about their struggles with moral injury. This network is designed to offer conversations with benevolent moral authorities to veterans, a crucial piece of recovery from moral injury. Further recruitment of mentors across the United States will continue. If you have been to one of our training events, and would like to become a Soul Repair Mentor, please contact Rev. Dr. Coleman Baker.
  • Adult Study Guides – The first of such study guide for Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury after War.

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